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The art of the webinar follow up

Posted by: The BeaconLive Marketing Team

The Fine Art of Following Up

One of the most important factors in delivering a successful webinar is also one of the most overlooked tasks on the webinar timeline, following up with your attendees.  It is quite common to be exhilarated upon the completion of your webinar, then dive right into the analytics, but you have to finish the life cycle of the event delivery before you're done.  Here are three parts of the webinar follow up process that you need to check off your to-do list before counting your event a success.  

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Webinar Metrics to Track and Analyze

Posted by: Leidy Restrepo

Webinars are, without a doubt, "one of the most powerful formats in the content marketer’s arsenal, and it’s used by 46 percent of B2B marketers" today ( CMI). Everyone seems to have participated in at least a couple or more over the past few years --and if you haven't, where have you been? As more and more companies begin to adopt this modern practice, it becomes increasingly more important to understand your webinar metrics in order to identify areas of improvement and areas of potential future success.
In a recent webinar Content Marketing Institute wrote about, we found some important figures Executive Webinar Producer, Mike Agron put together to help people understand what analytics matter and what they should be. 
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6 analytics to track before your webinar begins

Posted by: Shelley Trudeau

We all understand the importance of tracking your webinars analytics to determine the ROI of the event.  But have you considered analyzing the analytics BEFORE the event even begins? 

What would you do with the magic numbers that could make or break the success of your webinar?  In this blog, we will discuss the 6 analytics that you should be tracking before your webinar begins to ensure your live event's ultimate success.
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Evaluating your Webinar Analytics

Posted by: The BeaconLive Marketing Team

If your company wants to get the most out of its webinars, robust analytics are a must. In order to convert registrants into sales-ready leads, it is necessary to take a good look at all that your analytics offer and consider methods for improvement. Here’s a checklist to help you better understand how you should be evaluating your webinar analytics and how they could be enhanced: 

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