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  • Value-Add Through CE, CPD & Certifications
  • Audience Interaction & Detailed Reporting
  • Custom Branded Registration & eCommerce
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Platform Features For Virtual Customer & Membership Engagement

Audience Interaction


Audience Interaction

Humanize the event experience with interactive chatrooms, live polling, quizzes, surveys, questionnaires, breakout rooms, breakout sessions and more with our interactive features.

Automated CE, CPD
& Certifications

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Build Continuing Education, Professional Development & Certifications into any live or On-Demand event delivery. Automatically delivery certificates or CE credits.

Detailed Reporting & Analytics


Detailed Reporting & Analytics

Access attendee data in real-time, or have our team build out custom reports so that you can monitor and examine the analytics of your program.

Live, Simu-Live and On-Demand Content

Live, Simu-Live and On-Demand Content

Deliver your program with Live, Simu-Live and On-Demand content. Integrate and transition between different types of multi-media (including video, images, audio, slidedecks) seamlessly.

Roundtable Networking

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Easily execute fireside chats, panel discussions, speed-dating, lunch n' learns, and any other networking session. Allow attendees to enter in and out of each, or assign users to specific rooms. 

Customized Registration Pages

Customized Registration Pages

Customize your registration landing pages with the help of our design and technical implementation teams. Brand the event experience from the start and ensure high registration numbers.

Integrated eCommerce

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Easily monetize your virtual content delivery with integrated eCommerce.

CART & Closed Captioning

CART & Closed Captioning

We can add in ADA compliant CART / captions & translation to any live or On-Demand program to ensure your delivery is accessible to all audiences.


"I can't thank you enough for helping us pull off the impossible 4-day, 3-room event in less than 2 weeks planning time! Your team was incredible, Thank you!"

-Liz Ray Corporate Compliance


Why BeaconLive?

Add Value to memberships or sales Funnels with CE, CPD or certifications

Provide a unique value-add in the form of Continuing Education or Certifications to incentivize your members or prospects to engage with your brand.
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Interact With Your Audience And Track User Engagement

Humanize the event experience with interactive chatrooms, live polling, quizzes, surveys, questionnaires, breakout rooms, breakout sessions and more with our interactive features. Have our team build out custom reports for detailed data and analytics on your programs.

Customized & White-Labeled Content Catalogs, Registration Pages, Event Webrooms and more

Keep branding consistent throughout members' online interaction with your brand's content. Integrate eCommerce for seamless monetization. 
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Hear What Our Clients Have To Say:

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Chuck Nervick,
Casandra Blassingame
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Virtual Customer Engagement Amidst Covid-19

In the socially-distanced world of Covid-19, strategies for in-person Sales, Marketing, and Engagement have changed drastically, and for HealthCare professionals in particular. Many companies in the industry are facing the reality that their field or customer facing roles have limited access to in-person visits to providers, generating a huge risk to revenue streams. As Intouch Solutions has stated here, “a dual approach of strategic re-evaluation and the addition of new technology systems is necessary” to address the unique challenges posed by our world today.

As with most healthcare verticals, Pharma companies have reported that the use of digital marketing has increased by 56%, as published by PM360. Although we can expect that in-person marketing and engagement strategies will somewhat return to what they were like pre-Covid-19, the prominence of digital marketing and engagement will be a long-lasting change in the industry.


Solution: Inform & Engage Virtually with Continuing Medical Education (CME). 

Healthcare Medical Affairs and Marketing Leaders can leverage virtual event platforms that integrate Continuing Medical Education credits to meet the customer’s requirements virtually, and provide a much more cost effective solution than in-person CME events. With BeaconLive, we can assist you in offering these as either a Live or On-Demand CME Virtual Event.

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