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Are you looking for an end-to-end solution for live streaming, video conferencing, and pre-recorded or live webinars? If so, then look no further!

Your audience and presenters will love how our integrations and features make OnDemand webinars and live streaming more accessible and easier to manage than ever!

Reach Your Audience Like Never Before

Online meetings, video conferencing, and live webinars don't need to be boring. Our suite of integrations and tools will make your next online meeting more interactive and help you engage with your audience.

The Most Powerful Webinar Platform Working For You

Many virtual event planners struggle to make video conferencing, virtual events, and live webinars work seamlessly. Poor internet connection, dropped calls and low-quality audio and video are some of the issues that can plague a virtual event. 

BeaconLive is a webinar platform that helps make virtual events more accessible. With top-notch security and reliability, BeaconLive is perfect for law firms, medical companies, professional training, and corporate events.

Plus, BeaconLive offers excellent features like screen sharing, polls and surveys, and Q&A sessions that are professionally moderated by our in-house team of events specialists and make your events more interactive and engaging. With BeaconLive, you can be confident that your next virtual event will be a success.

Our CLE Platform Is As Unique As Your Needs
Complete Customization to Align With Your Brand

Fully white-labeled webinars customized to your brand.

Professional Event Producers, Moderators and 24/7 Support Staff

In-house events professionals to assist you every step of the way.

A Few Organizations Like Yours That Partner With BeaconLive
Harness The Most Powerful and Professional Webinar Platform

We built our webinar software platform and webcasting solution to support presenters, small businesses, and organizations of all sizes with online training, continuing education, product demos, live videos, hybrid webinars, and more. Our interactive webinar platform allows you to produce more efficient, cost-effective webinars to drive engagement, monetize your content, and build your brand. 

Customized & White-Labeled Webinars

Offer sponsorship value-add opportunities for partners and exhibitors, and design your webinars with your organization's branding and desired interactive features. 

Integrates With Every Platform

Whether you're delivering a live, virtual or hybrid event on BeaconLive's platform or an external platform like Zoom, Webex, or Teams, we will deliver automated and customized CE and certificates to your attendees.

Fully-Managed Webinars

Leading live events is an art form that requires precision and attention to detail. Use BeaconLive's team of in-house professionals to streamline every aspect of webinar hosting and attendee management to deliver a professional and effective webinar. 

Our team will create registration pages, manage attendees and speakers, deliver customized reports, deliver CE and certificates, create assessments, and assist your attendees with all technical questions. 

Browser-Based Solution

Our platform is browser-based, so you won't have to worry about installing any plugins, extensions or add-ons. 

BeaconLive allows you to run your webinars efficiently and without additional tech headaches. 

Great User Experience

Learners and attendees can access all live and on-demand webinars, registration pages, CE credits and certificates, and speaker information in one place. 

Educators will find it easy to track learners' progress and provide them with the content they need for success without any technical expertise needed!

Increase Professionalism. Decrease Administrative Work. 

BeaconLive is the webinar platform that helps you offer a perfect webinar experience again and again. We do the heavy lifting - setting up registration pages, speaker bios, polls, slides, pre-event music, live, simulive and on-demand media, and much more. 

Our team of in-house event producers, designers, moderators, and 24/7 technical support staff will focus on all the technical aspects of an online webinar, webcast or event so you don't have to. 

Plus, our webinar platform is fully ADA-compliant and accessible to all. Whether you're delivering a webinar to a large or small group, BeaconLive has you covered. 

Custom Branding
Quickly customize your digital certificates for your organization.
Customizable Certificates
Create customized certificates according to your accrediting body.
Any Type Of Event
Deliver and track certificates to in-person gatherings, live webinars or hybrid events.
User Dashboard
Users can access all live and on-demand programs through a simple dashboard.
Automated Certificate Delivery
Users receive their certificates via email and user dashboards for easy review.
Customized Webroom
Customize your webroom based on your organization’s design and branding.
Presence Checks

Add presence checks to ensure attendees are engaged according to your accrediting body.

Digital Backups
We store a copy of each certificate on our secure cloud infrastructure for any-time, easy access.
24/7 Support
Our team of experts are on-call to ensure your events go off smoothly and to resolve all your attendees' technical problems.
Host The Perfect Webinar, Live Streaming or Webcast Event

All the tools you need to build the virtual event your audience wants.

Hear From One Of Our Webinar Clients

"You and your team are amazing! I really can't thank you enough for helping us pull off our webinar! From the start, we were so impressed with your company and we are so grateful."

- Tara Frawley, Creative Financial Staffing

Secure, Scalable Webinars & Webcasts
Create Professional, Personalized Online Experiences

If you're looking to generate revenue growth and drive engagement, webinars and virtual events are a great way to do it. Tap into our key features like waiting rooms, automated certificates and advanced attendee assessments and tracking. 

With BeaconLive, you can enjoy an all-in-one solution to help you generate leads, build relationships, close sales and monetize content. Our webinar and webcast platform helps you build engaging online experiences in less time so you can focus on your audience and not on the technology behind the scenes. 

You can use professional online virtual events to create an experience that is truly unique and aligned with your brand. Whether you're looking to drive sales, build brand awareness or educate members and employees, webinars and virtual events are effective ways to reach your goals!

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