How You Can Use Webinar Marketing To Grow Your Organization

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Find Out How Webinars Can Take Your Digital Marketing Strategy To New Heights

Attracting your target audience to your organization is essential for growing your business and increasing brand awareness. 


And with more and more lead generation happening online, your organization must adjust its marketing strategy to reflect a digital approach. 


Email marketing is still a tried-and-true approach. But there’s another way to enhance your marketing strategy. 


Webinars are a great marketing tool to attract new leads and connect with your ideal customers. Your organization’s marketing team can tailor webinars to fit any audience and offer valuable information that will share your brand’s message. 

Someone at a desk attending a webinar.

So how can your organization use webinar marketing to attract high-quality leads? 


Let’s take a closer look at webinar marketing, how to host an online event, and some expert tips for ensuring your webinar earns the highest ROI possible. 


What is Webinar Marketing? 

Webinar marketing uses webinars, or online seminars, to engage and interact with your target audience. It’s a cost-effective way to build brand awareness and attract the right people to your organization. 


During these virtual events, a speaker or panel of speakers gives a presentation to an audience. A webinar presentation can be interactive, meaning the attendees can ask questions, participate in polling, or even unmute to speak with the presenters. 


Live webinars can also be recorded and made available for on-demand viewing. This increases the value of your online event and increases ROI by allowing more people to access the event. 


How to Develop and Market a Great Webinar 

If your organization wants to engage directly with its target audience and attract more business, webinars are great. 


Not only are these learning sessions excellent for generating new leads, but webinars can give your conversion rate a big boost. 


From B2B marketing to lead generation, webinars can do it all. Here’s how you can develop and market an excellent webinar. 


1. Choose An Engaging Webinar Topic 

Choosing the right webinar topic is the best way to attract the right attendees. The more fine-tuned your topic, the more webinar registrations you will receive. 


Potential customers attend webinars to hear solutions for joint pain points and issues. Offering an engaging topic with the proper thought leadership and call to action will attract high-quality leads and make your webinar successful. 


2. Craft High-Quality, Valuable Webinar Content 

Content marketing ensures that your audience gets the valuable information they came to your webinar to receive. 


There are many different types of webinar content you can offer that will engage your audience and increase the value of your online event, such as:

  • Infographics 

  • Charts 

  • Case studies 

  • Short-form videos 

  • Graphs 


Your webinar audience won’t convert or perform the desired action if you don't offer high-quality content. 


3. Develop A Marketing Plan For Your Webinar

It’s not enough just to host a webinar. You must develop a marketing strategy to ensure the right people know it’s happening. 


Social media is an excellent tool for webinar promotion. Platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn allow like-minded individuals to connect and find the information they want. So they are the perfect place to market your next webinar. 


Use your social media posts to publish advertisements and share the webinar registration links. Launch polls and ask engaging questions that allow you to interact with your target audience. This will help drum up interest and increase webinar registrations. 


4. Follow Up After The Live Event 

The work isn’t done once your webinar wraps. You must follow up with any materials you promised during the webinar and information on how they can convert. 


Use some email marketing tools to send out a follow-up email to all webinar attendees. Thank them for attending, and include a recording of the webinar and access to your series of on-demand webinars. 


Invite them to share the recording with their peers to help spread the word about your organization’s online events. 


Webinars have the ability to connect your organization with members of your target audience who otherwise wouldn’t be able to interact with you. 


Let’s look at some tips you can use to improve your webinar and ensure the return on investment is worth the time and effort. 


Tips For Earning The Highest ROI Possible From Your Webinar Marketing Strategy 

Your organization has multiple marketing channels to help attract new customers. 


Webinars fit well into any marketing strategy because they are easily customizable, offer multiple integrations, and provide key metrics that allow you to track their success. 


Let’s look at some pro tips you can use before your next webinar to ensure they attract the right audience and provide the ROI your company is looking for. 

  • Choose the right webinar platform: The right virtual event platform is essential for hosting a successful webinar. Look for a completely customizable platform with white-label branding, extensive interactive features, and scalability to support any size audience. 

  • Optimize your webinar landing page: The landing page is often the first thing potential attendees see. It directs them to your registration page as well. Optimize your landing page with SEO techniques, engaging imagery, and a clear call to action. Include popup messages with countdown clocks to remind attendees when the event starts. 

  • Look for and iron out pain points for webinar attendees: Hiccups on the path to attending your webinar can impact your registration numbers. Take a moment and pretend you’re a potential webinar attendee. From the landing page to registration, walk the path of your target audience. Be especially mindful of any pain points or confusing registration process areas, and adjust them immediately. 

  • Host a Q&A session: Typically, webinars last 60 minutes. Reserve at least 10-15 minutes at the end of your presentation for a Q&A session. This will allow you to interact with your audience members, answer their pressing questions, and build connections that could help improve your conversion rate. 

  • Offer the webinar on demand: If your webinar platform offers webinar recording, take advantage of this feature and offer it on demand. If someone registered but didn’t attend, send a “sorry, we missed you” email and attach a recording for them to view. This means your webinar will continue to market your organization and help increase the event’s ROI. 


The more preparation you put into designing your live webinar, the better your chance of increasing your conversion rate and boosting your marketing campaign ROI. 


Let BeaconLive’s Live Webinar Platform Elevate Your Upcoming Webinar 

Your organization’s sales team works overtime on lead generation and marketing campaigns to bring in the right people. 


Webinars are a great way to help your organization attract your target audience, engage their interest, and make key conversions that will boost your company’s bottom line and improve brand awareness. 


If you’re ready to start leveraging webinars to support your digital marketing campaign, BeaconLive can help. We have over 20 years of experience offering virtual marketing events for organizations like yours. 


BeaconLive offers custom branding, advanced networking capabilities, and cloud-based solutions that allow your webinar attendees to sit back and enjoy the seminar without worrying about troublesome plug-ins. 


Contact us today for more information on how webinar marketing with BeaconLive can help take your organization to the next level. 


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