How to Create a Legal Marketing Webinar Series

While virtual events are still considered a huge undertaking for a legal marketing department, it’s becoming easier to promote your brand to your target audience through online event technology than ever before. Whether you are building and promoting the content yourself, or sponsoring an event with an industry thought-leader; creating a consistent content flow to keep your firm in the mind of your customer is becoming increasingly important in this content driven world.


Building a legal marketing webinar series is becoming the method of choice for the legal industry to deliver engaging and educational content, but how do you create continuous content to meet the demand of your online marketing strategy? 


Follow these tips to develop a marketing webinar series for your firm. 


Building Your Theme

  • Create a theme for your series that is broad enough to have enough deliverable content for multiple events, but also narrow enough to be manageable and relevant to your target audience. Consider if your theme is large to have enough thought leaders, opinions or ideas surrounding the topic to keep the content fresh?

  • Use ideas discussed during in-person events or meetings. 

  • Find ideas that are of interest to your target audience in the groups they belong to LinkedIn. Consider which posts get the most engagement and how can you relate those ideas posts back to your content.

  • Look at ideas that your firm, organization or partners specialize in.


Building your content offer

  • Provide exclusive content that cannot be found elsewhere. If you are turning your whitepaper into a virtual event, provide exclusive ideas or statistics during the webinar.

  • Bring together multiple thought leaders on the same subject to provide a well-rounded panel discussion and invite the audience to share their ideas for an interactive event. 

  • Offer more than just an online presentation. Include Q&A, surveys/polls, and audience interaction. Don't forget to write a blog promoting the results of the surveys, and answering the questions from the audience.


Build upon your series momentum

  • Create an outline or schedule for tasks (promotion, emails, registration completion, tech runs, speaker training) for all future events. 

  • At the end of each event, use an evaluation tool to ask attendees if they have requests for future events that they would like to attend, or if they would be interesting in presenting an event in the future.

  • Promote your next event at the end of each event.

  • Ask people to sign up for multiple events simultaneously on your registration page, and sent event reminders

  • Work with the Powerpoint template, presentation format, and the same moderator for each event to build consistency in your series.

  • Place your recorded events in a media library for your audience to access on-demand

  • Email everyone after the event to provide a recording of the event, and promote the next event in your series.

  • Analyze your promotions, post event reports, and evaluations to determine what works and what doesn't for future events.

  • Create an online event content calendar, and stick to it!  If you plan to do a weekly or monthly event, be consistent so you don't confuse or lose your audience.

  • Recycle your content as it changes in the industry. 


Contact BeaconLive today for help creating a legal webinar series.



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