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Webinars, Webcasts, & Conferencing

What is a Webinar and How Does it Work?

A webinar (web seminar) is a video conference, presentation, workshop or lecture delivered online, where presenters join remotely, usually via webcam. Webinars are used as a professional, interactive experience that offer  features like live polling, media sharing and attendee analytics.

What is a Webinar Used For?

Webinars can be utilized for large-scale corporate meetings and presentations, continuing education courses, marketing and sales lead generation, as well as large-scale virtual & hybrid events. They can be delivered live or recorded for On-Demand use in content catalogs & media libraries. Webinars can include interactive features like public and private chat, polling, quizzes and breakout sessions. BeaconLive can host 40,000+ participants in a webinar.

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What is a Webcast?

A webcast is the broadcasted video component of a live conference, presentation, workshop or lecture delivered in-person. By broadcasting a live event, a webcast becomes the hybrid experience between a webinar and an in-person event. One can reach a substantially larger audience by adding a webcast component to an in-person event or presentation.

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How Do I Record a Webinar?

BeaconLive will automatically record your webinar for you. Make sure to work with your Event Services team to ensure recording, playback, monetization, and future On-Demand content hosting of recorded webinars.

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How Do I Host a Webinar?

With BeaconLive, hosting a webinar is easy. Our world-class Event Services team will work with you to build customized branding, promote and market your event, add any features (like live polling, breakout sessions, etc.), provide you with Event Emcees / Moderators, add sponsorship opportunities, facilitate Q&A and chat rooms. We will be available before, during and after your Webinar with technical support and 24/7 Help Desk staff.

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What is Anytime Conferencing?

Anytime Conferencing, also known as “reservationless” calling, is a great tool for smaller, on-the-fly collaboration calls where you want several people to be able to participate in a conversation. These can be used as small, audio-only meeting rooms for several participants.

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What is an Audio Conference?

An audio conference is a professionally produced conference that is facilitated by a professional moderator and enables you to optimally deliver your message to a large audience. In an Audio Conference, participants are mostly on listen-only / mute with the exception of Q&A sessions. Conference Moderators can be utilized to manage participants and ensure a technically seamless event.

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What Can Attendees Expect When They Attend a BeaconLive Audio Conference?

A few minutes before the conference begins, your participants will call a toll-free number and either enter their PIN or be greeted by a live operator. This will put them into a “waiting room” where they will hear music or pre-recorded commercials (depending on how the event was set-up) until the event begins at its specified time. Once the BeaconLive moderator begins the call, all attendees are brought in on listen-only mode. The operator will greet the participants and continue to moderate the event.

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Virtual & Hybrid Events

How Does a Virtual Event Work?

A virtual event utilizes webinars, webcasts, virtual breakout sessions, virtual exhibit halls/booths, live polling and other virtual activities to create captivating, informative and interactive experiences. BeaconLive has 150+ features that can be built into any virtual event to make the experience unique, engaging and technically seamless. Some of our features include live polling, breakout sessions, Event Moderators / Studio Engineers, Sponsorship opportunities, and facilitated Q&A.

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How Do You Create a Virtual Event?

Creating a virtual event is similar to creating an in-person event. You will want to organize your speakers, presentation materials and schedule of your event. BeaconLive will work with you to add customized branding and sponsorship opportunities, prepare and upload any multimedia presentation materials, build breakout sessions, live polling and other engaging activities as well as market and promote your event.

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What is a Hybrid Event?

A hybrid event is any in-person conference, trade show, celebration, presentation, workshop or lecture that has an added virtual component. Hybrid events utilize webcasts and webinars with added virtual components like breakout sessions, live polling, sponsorship and networking opportunities, custom websites and virtual technical support staff to ensure a seamless and integrative event.

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Are Virtual Conferences Effective?

Virtual conferences allow the presenter to reach a much larger audience. They are often much more cost-effective, as a presenter does not need to travel, rent out space, nor provide food and drink for attendees. Virtual events and conferences are also a more sustainable way to gather large groups of people. 

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How Do I Add a Virtual Component to My In-person Event?

To add a virtual component to your event you must work with a virtual event provider like BeaconLive, who will help you to broadcast any in-person experience to thousands of online participants. Interactive activities like breakout sessions, virtual exhibits/booths, and live polling will be added to your virtual event to ensure audience engagement.

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Continuing Education & Certificates

What is Continuing Education?

Continuing Education is the optional or required additional skills or knowledge one can gain in a professional field. Continuing Education can be acquired through in-person classes, virtual webinars and eLearning course catalogs, or a hybrid experience of the two. BeaconLive supports Continuing Education providers through our Webinars and Webcasting platform, advanced LMS, eLearning Content Catalogs and Media Libraries. We support providers in producing course content, tracking users for attendance compliance, integrating assessments & evaluations and issuing certificates.

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How Do You Offer Continuing Education Credits?

The first step in offering CE is getting accredited by your accrediting organization. After that, working with BeaconLive to offer Continuing Education Credits is easy. We help our providers create intuitive Course Catalogs and Media Libraries, customize all media to your desired branding and design ideas, integrate user tracking and assessments and ensure proper compliance with various accrediting body rules.. BeaconLive will customize your provided CE experience from pre-production to live or on-demand content to automated certificate delivery.

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What is Continuing Legal Education?

Continuing Legal Education refers to the mandatory classes and credits lawyers must earn in adherence to their state to keep their license every year. Continuing Legal Education (CLE) can be acquired through in-person classes, live or on-demand virtual learning or a hybrid experience of the two. BeaconLive supports CLE providers through our Webinar and Webcasting platform, advanced LMS, Content Catalogs and Media Libraries. We support providers in producing course content, tracking users, integrating assessments and issuing proper certificates in accordance with various states/jurisdictions.

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How Are CE Certificates Produced?
Continuing Education (CE) certificates verify that an individual attended a CE event based on pre-set criteria such as minimum duration, presence verification prompts, and evaluations. This event can be online or in-person.. After a participant views a Live or On-Demand CE even, they can receive CE certificates based on a number of criteria and combinations. The participant may receive an individual certificate or a combination of a few based on the course they are taking. The participant must watch the entire Live or On-Demand event and may be prompted to complete a quiz or evaluation in order to receive credit. BeaconLive can tailor any course to specific CE requirements and customize desired evaluations. Here is a great video overview of BeaconLive’s CE Workflow.
How Do I Add CE Certificates to My Webinar or Virtual Events?

To add CEs to your event, you will want to obtain approval for the program through the appropriate accrediting body. BeaconLive will help to guide the process with their many years of experience working with CE Certificates. Your CE process is customizable and can include features like attendance verification, post-event quizzes and evaluations. Help reduce work in your organization by taking advantage of BeaconLive’s fully automatic CE process.

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How Do I Add CE Certificates to My In-person Events?

To add CE Certificates to your in-person event, you will want to obtain approval for the program through the appropriate accrediting body. During the process, work with your BeaconLive Event Services team to create the certificate and set up desired features like a quiz and survey. Simply ensure to collect the audience data from the in-person event. BeaconLive’s automated CE process will provide certificates to those who attended. 

Check out our Free CE Certificate Generator Tool to use in your next in-person event.

Compliance & Accreditation

How Do I Get Accredited?

The easiest way to get accredited is to visit your accrediting body’s website and learn about their specific requirements. Every accrediting body has their own requirements and regulations. We’ve outlined all the major accrediting body requirements in our blog:

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How Do I Become a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Accredited Provider?

With BeaconLive, becoming a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) provider is easy. We work with our providers to produce professional On-Demand or Live courses, help you track users, streamline proper accreditation applications and asset tracking in accordance with state accreditation requirements, issue certificates, and customize the entire design and layout of your Course Catalog.

Use our experienced partner to file your state CLE jurisdiction accreditation applications or handle this aspect yourself using BeaconLive’s Admin Workflow Processor to collect, create, and store all necessary jurisdiction application information.

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What is Corporate Compliance?

Corporate Compliance refers to the required additional knowledge and skills offered to professionals at an organization. Partaking in Corporate Compliance allows organizations and professionals to stay up-to-date with their knowledge, avoid lawsuits and stay on the cutting-edge of the latest trends.

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What is a Corporate Compliance Program in Healthcare?

Corporate Compliance in Healthcare is also known as Continuing Medical Education. Corporate Compliance refers to the continuous knowledge and skills required of health professionals. BeaconLive works with Corporate Compliance Providers to create a virtual or hybrid Compliance Program that adheres to rules set forth by accrediting bodies, is engaging and intuitive for users and issues proper certificates upon completion. 

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Content Catalogs & Media Libraries

What is On-Demand Content?

On-Demand Content refers to the recorded Webinars & Webcasts, videos, images, podcasts, eBooks, PDFs that can be streamed at any time from a Content Catalog or Media Library.

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What is a Content Catalog? What is a Media Library?

Content Catalogs and Media Libraries are the digital platforms where all Continuing Education courses, Corporate Compliance courses or other On-Demand content is hosted. Content Catalogs often integrate Learning Management Solutions (LMS), user tracking, certifications upon completion and additional accreditation.

View this live example of a BeaconLive-built Content Catalog

BeaconLive Services

Will I Be Assigned a BeaconLive Account Manager?

Yes. All BeaconLive clients are assigned a dedicated Event Producer to act as the Account Manager and take the client from creation to production to analysis of their events. Your Event Producer will serve as your single point of contact for all BeaconLive services.

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How Do I Customize a Solution?

When you begin working with BeaconLive, you will be assigned a dedicated Event Producer that will work with you and the BeaconLive Operations team to design, build and manage your customized solution. Our Operations team will take you through a detailed demo in which you can learn about the 150+ features that can be added to any solution. All solutions will be white-labeled/custom branded, and aligned with your design and content ideas.

Our Customizable Platform Features

How Many Participants Can I Allow in my Events?

BeaconLive provides virtually unlimited scale to support very large events.

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Are BeaconLive Solutions Pre-packaged? Are A-La-Carte Solutions Available?

While we offer standard packages, all BeaconLive solutions are completely customizable. We can add any specific features you have in mind. All pricing is based on an individual basis.

Our Customizable Platform Features

For BeaconLive Customers

How Do I Join a Webinar?

Joining a BeaconLive webinar has never been easier. After registering you will be provided with your unique link and/or login via email. Ensure to add the event to your calendar, or keep the email saved for future use. When ready to join the event, simply click on the access link in your email and/or login to your account. We recommend Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox for the best user experience.

How Do I Access My Account?
To access your account, locate your account sign up email which will include the link to the organization’s catalog, your username as well as your password. You have the ability to change your password and information once logged in. Should you have any trouble accessing your login/event, please reach out to BeaconLive Helpdesk at or by phone 877-297-2901.
What Happens if I Can’t Find My Email?
If you cannot locate your confirmation or reminder email, but you do have an account, please login to access the event. If you do not have an account, please reach out to BeaconLive Helpdesk at or by phone 877-297-2901.
What Happens if I Can’t Find My Certificate?

If you are unable to locate your certificate, you can send it to yourself again so long as you have an account. To do so, please login and resend the certificate from the ‘Credits and Certificates’ tab of your account. If you do not have an account, please reach out to BeaconLive Helpdesk at or by phone 877-297-2901.

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