BeaconLive is a tech company built around people. 

That's why our team of experts is here to help you every step of the way. Our team of professionals works with you before, during and after your event to guarantee success.


  • White-Labelling & Custom Branding
  • In-House Event Services & Management Team
  • Advanced Networking Capabilities

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Event Producers


If you are producing a live event, your personal event producer will be in charge of technical implementation - making sure to add in any interactive features, custom design & branding, specific configurations, etc. They will conduct tech runs with you, configure your reports & analytics and ensure all of your multi-media is prepared for showtime.


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Event Producer


"It is peace of mind to have someone who knows what they are doing on the platform just like yourself! I am very thankful - you are so attentive and sensitive to our needs. You are fabulous!"

Design & Implementation team -1

Design & Implementation Team


We often build custom websites for our clients' products, implement HTML and CSS for specific design & branding requests and record & edit live programs for On-Demand viewing. Our design and implementation team ensures your end-product and hosted multi-media is professional, polished and prepared for your end-users. 


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"I was very pleased with your team's work. As a new business setting up my first CLE product, your team was extremely helpful in guiding me through the process and ensuring a successful end result. I particularly appreciated that Luke and Kyle took the time to understand what I wanted to get across with my product/brand and brought that vision to life on the BeaconLive interface. Your team treated the creation of my interface on BeaconLive as if it were your own - for which I am very grateful."

-Bob Ivy, Blue Pad Media




BeaconLive will provide you with a trained moderator for every event. Our moderators will add a level of professionalism and high production value to your event through communicating with your audience, introducing speakers, moderating Q&As and keeping everyone on schedule. Moderators are an essential part to a smooth, efficient, humanized and well-received event. 


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Customer Support Lines

24/7 Tech & Customer Support Lines


As an event organizer, the last thing you have time for is assisting attendees with any and all technical difficulties they might be experiencing. That's why our 24/7 tech & customer support lines can be reached via email, phone call or chat right within the BeaconLive platform. Our HelpDesk is happy to pay attention to your end-users while you pay attention to delivering your high-value content.


Meet the Team

We are happy to train anyone on your team how to use our platform. We will make sure your technical team is trained to DIY your virtual or hybrid event. Hover your mouse over the image to explore different features and capabilities of our virtual event studio. 

Waiting for Go Live

Countdown until when your event goes live. We can implement timer countdowns on registration pages, event lobbies, on web rooms and in the presenter studio.


This will show how many attendees you have tuning in to your event via their web browser.


Your roster is a complete list of event participants (this will show everyone including moderator and presenters). Direct message participants/presenters, and gather information such as professional title, email address, affiliated company, etc. Also allows for individual and global alerts to attendees and presenters.


Direct message only hosts and presenters at your event, keeping communication hidden from attendees. This is also a global alert system for everyone in the studio such as presenters and moderators, which allows for one-way communication.


One-way, public communication with attendees of your event. This will send a global, direct pop-up message to the attendees.

Search for other event participants via keywords.

Event Hosts

All event hosts will be displayed in a dark blue box.

Presenters & Speakers

All event speakers and presenters will be displayed in a light blue box.


This will show a list of all phone callers, allows for muting and unmuting and a private screening room.


Allows a presenter to display other information about an attendee. Default is name, company and job title. If other info is being collected at registration, this allows you to see to that other info.


All event attendees will be displayed in a dark grey box. Information on attendees, such as name, title, email address, affiliated company, etc. can be accessed within this roster and switchboard view. As a host, you can direct message attendees, mute their microphones or remove them from the event.

Private chat
Private alert

Remove from event

This feature is available in roster and switchboard

Guest Call-in

Have your attendees call in to the event for audio Q&A and networking.

Presenter Call-in

Have your presenters & speakers call-in for audio Q&A and networking. PLease note, for both presenters and attendees, this only displays the call in number and the conference ID, not the user's pin, which will be required.

Share Link

Share a URL with event attendees.

Event Room

Know which breakout session / breakout room / event track you are in.


Preview and navigate slide decks that will be used within the event presentation.


Implement and monitor live polling questions with your audience.

Audio Clips

Implement and monitor live audio clips during any presentation.


Navigate event display settings, like how many presenters you want on-screen at a time and how many pieces of multimedia you'd like to display. Also the ability to send event messages, which is a real-time message on the attendee page; can configure the color, font size, font style and add a hyperlink to it.


Navigate, implement, organize and monitor each breakout session that is happening within your multi-track event. Attendees can be placed into breakout sessions by registration, randomization, manual list upload or by self-selection.

Presentation Preview

What is being shown in the attendee view.

Full Screen

Enter full screen mode. (Only for the person who hits it, this will not put the attendee's page in full screen. That can be done by the attendee if they wish to).

Slides Preview

Preview the slides you will be showing in your presentation.

Shows the email for the person logged into that session.
Disconnect from the event.
Mute your microphone.
Turn off your video.

Studio Chat

Monitor and participate in a chatroom just for event hosts, organizers and presenters.

Public Chat

Monitor and participate in a chatroom that is public for all event participants and presenters.

Private Chat

Interact with other event participants/presenters through direct messages.

Support Chat

Send a direct message to our IT & Customer Support line.


Have messages automatically scroll to what is most recent.

Audience Enabled

Enable or disable public chat for all event participants.

Type your responses to send into the chat.


Monitor and participate in Q&A.

Delete participants' questions.
Respond to questions via audio.
Respond to questions in a publicaly
Respond to questions directly to event participants.
Keep track of what questions have been answered already or deleted.

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