Continuing Education Workflows with BeaconLive

Seamlessly deliver an online CE, CPD, and Certificates at scale while eliminating hours of administrative work. Our CE workflow and in-house experts produce, deliver, and manage CE, Certificates & Compliance for you on our highly capable and customizable LMS and integrated events platform. 

  • White-Labeled Content Catalogs

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    Your user will begin on your white-labeled content catalog. You can customize this page with your company logo, branded assets and brand colors. Allow users to login to their account and browse by category or by live and on-demand programs.

  • Course Information

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    Once your user selects a program, they will be directed to further information on that specific course: credit info, presenter bios and a course description. Your user can follow the links to register for the course.

  • Registration Page

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    Once your user is directed to the registration page, you can collect all required information. The BeaconLive team will build out this form however you’d like. We can build in drop- downs, multiple choice questions, opt-ins and more.

  • Confirmation Landing Page & Email

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    The user will then be directed to a landing page that contains information on their registered course including links and phone numbers to attend, as well as calendar invites. The user will also receive an email with course and attendance information.

  • User Dashboard

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    Your end-user can access your live and OnDemand programs through their personal dashboard (shown here), by the email confirmation or the post-registration landing page

  • Customized Webroom

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    You can customize your webroom according to your organization’s design and branding. You can add sponsor logos, downloads, breakout sessions, public and private chat, speaker bios and more on this page. Your attendees will also have access to 24/7 tech support directly from here.

  • Presence Checks & Pop-Up Codes

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    You can add in presence checks to make sure that your attendee is still watching the program and adhering to CE, CLE, CME, CEU, CPD etc. regulations. At the end of the program, your user will be given a pop-up code to take them to the certification process.

  • Certificate Process

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    The certificate process is a three-part form, customizable according to your accrediting body. The first portion asks the user to fill in personal information, including professional associations and membership IDs. The second portion is a program survey. This can be customized with radio buttons and open response and will be tailored according to your accrediting body.

  • User Dashboard

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    The third portion is the certificate page. If your user passed both the presence checks, as well as any quiz or required survey, they will earn their certificate. The user can see their certificate by state as well. From this page, the user can download their certificate. They will also receive an email with the same information.

  • Automated Certificates

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    The user will receive an email with the same information about their certificate, and can access certificates from their user dashboard as well, where they can always re-email any information. Certificates are always customized and dynamically populated based on the program and the user’s information and activity. The certificate will show whether the event was live or on- demand, what type of credits were earned as well as credit status if desired.

The Integration Advantage: Litera's CE Manager + BeaconLive

BeaconLive One
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One-time data entry for event details
Certificate delivery, management & tracking
Program delivery both in-house and for clients
Up-to-date attendance records & CE reports
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And that’s how you can seamlessly deliver CE, CLE, CME, CEUs, CPD and more with BeaconLive - a tech company built around people, delivering online, high-touch and fully-managed services. Connect with us today to begin delivering your CE or Certificate program.

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