10 Awesome Questions To Ask Attendees In Your Post-Virtual Event Survey

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10 Awesome Questions To Ask Attendees In Your Post-Virtual Event Survey | BeaconLive

You already know that your job as an event planner doesn't end at the final closing sessions of your virtual event. You worked so hard to market your virtual event, used all the tactics in the book to keep your attendees engaged throughout the event, and now it's time to get the most out of your efforts with a solid post-virtual event survey strategy. 


Post-event surveys have always been the most reliable source of information used by event planners and marketers to gauge their success, where improvements are needed, and what the attendees suggest for future events. These simple tools allow you to gather information to learn what attendees learned, what they like, and how you can improve future virtual events. 


There are a handful of ways to get feedback from your virtual audience. No matter how successful your event is, gathering post-virtual event feedback from an online survey can be difficult. Still, the information you gather in this phase of virtual event planning is critical to your overall success.


Post-Virtual Event Surveys Help Plan Future Events

It can be not easy to gather the information you need from past attendees because your audience has moved on to their regular schedule and might not feel compelled to interact with your brand as they were during the live virtual event conference. 


Much like a pre-event survey, asking the right questions is crucial for event planners like you to gather the data needed to determine the success of your event and present it to key stakeholders. 


Let's take a look at 10 types of post-event survey questions you need to ask attendees to encourage respondents to share their overall experience and give you the feedback you need. 


1. How Satisfied Were You With The Event?

This is the most obvious and important question you can ask, and it is a great way to prime your audience to give you more information throughout the survey process. Use the opportunity to provide a breakdown of certain aspects of the virtual event you would like feedback on, such as:


The best way for marketers and event planners to gather this data is to have survey participants rate their experience with each event component on a scale of 1 to 5. This scale provides participants with a quick way to gauge their satisfaction, and it gives you a solid idea about what to improve in the future.


Be sure to include a space for participants to include comments and the standard 1 to 5 scale. While most participants won't fill out the comments, you can gather great intel from past attendees who fill in the sections. 


2. What Aspects Can We Improve Upon For Our Next Event?

It's not always easy for event planners to hear about what went wrong with their event, but it's the only way to know how to improve moving forward. The best virtual event coordinators know that they can improve future events, and the best way to plan great events is to know how you could improve past events for better results. 


Use this opportunity to gather more constructive feedback to use in your future event planning endeavors. 


One of the best ways to do this is to pose an open-ended question using a comment box to allow attendees the freedom to expand on what they feel went wrong. 


3. Was The Virtual Event And Virtual Platform Easily Navigated?

Your virtual event needs to be engaging and provide attendees with the information they want in an easily accessible format. Since you can't rely on personal connections like you could in regular in-person events, you need to make sure that your virtual event platform is easy to navigate for all attendees. 


Virtual events and conferences rely on technology to connect attendees, and this reliance on technology can result in unforeseen problems along the way. Attendees could have experienced password issues, trouble logging in to the event lobby, or broken page links that you'll want to know about before future events. 


If the system were flawless, you'd want to hear about that too! Much like walking through a live event, you strive for the same ease of access throughout your live event. 


Inquire about how easy it was to navigate sessions and how they enjoyed using your platform using a short series of yes/no questions. If you find your virtual platform lacking, partner with a white glove service to customize features for your next virtual event. 


4. What Experiences Or Moments During The Event Did You Like Best?

This question allows you to pinpoint what was most enjoyable about your event so you can focus on the positives and repeat them during future virtual events and conferences. This is a great way to pinpoint feelings on event speakers, live sessions, exhibitors, and session topics. 


If you had questions about a specific component of your event, this is the time to ask about it. Be sure to ask attendees to tie positive experiences to specific speakers or presentations so you can try to get those same speakers for future events.


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5. Which Virtual Platform Features Were Your Favorite?

Event planners know that their online events depend on a great virtual conference platform to bring attendees together. You should ask attendees which features they used and enjoyed so you and your team can think about integrating the technology in the future.


Find out their feedback about your virtual event collaboration tools, event app, gamification options, or simply the live Q & A sessions. Find out through an open field comment so attendees can let you know exactly what blew their minds.


6. What Was Your Main Objective When You Decided To Attend This Event?

Not all attendees choose to join a virtual conference or event for the same reason, and you should know why participants chose to join your event. Once you understand the motivation behind people attending your event, you will be able to lean into the motivations to draw a larger crowd in the future.


Determine what your attendees wanted to gain from your event and if they were able to do so. This question will also help determine if your offerings were appropriate for your target audience, and it will help you with future pre-event marketing campaigns. 


7. What Topics Would You Like To See Featured In Future Events? 

Putting this on your questionnaire is a planning gold mine for future event topics, continuing education, certificate, and compliance workshops, as well as keynote speakers, networking opportunities, games used by other event planners. 


Find out what virtual event exhibits your attendees want to see at your next event, and use that information as you plan. 


You could also offer suggestions using a multiple-choice question to gain feedback on which of your current ideas would be best received. 


8. How Was Your Experience With Our Virtual Presenters And Exhibitors? 

Since you can't be everywhere at once, event planners need to know what occurred while they were busy with other parts of the event. This survey question will help you identify the best presenters and help you identify sessions to repeat during future events.


Virtual exhibits give attendees the chance to interact with your exhibitors and sponsors face-to-face, screen share presentations, and provide product overviews from their virtual booth. 


Provide a multiple selection list of all presenters and exhibitors and/or include an open comment box to collect feedback about the favorites.


9. How Likely Are You To Recommend This Event To Friends Or Colleagues?

Nothing is better than word-of-mouth marketing for virtual events, and you can understand who your target audience is based on which attendees will endorse future events on your behalf. This event evaluation question helps you gauge your virtual event's overall satisfaction and success based simply on if attendees would recommend it to someone else. 


Let event participants rate how likely they would recommend your event on a scale of 1 to 5, or even a sliding scale. You can go one step further and gather all participants who enjoyed your event and ask them for additional reviews to use on your virtual event landing page and marketing materials. 


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10. Do You Have Any Additional Event Feedback?

Finally, gather your attendee's final thoughts and takeaways. If you missed any valuable moments or opportunities for attendees to share their experience, this is the chance for them to do so. 


Offer a free-form box to let attendees give their final thoughts on every part of your event and collect feedback that can be used to enhance the next virtual event experience. 


Increase Your Post-Virtual Event Survey Response Rates

Gathering event feedback will help make your next event even more successful. The beauty of online surveys is that there are ways to remind event attendees to complete the survey with just the touch of a button. 


You can send push notifications to remind your audience members to complete survey questions. Event planners can also utilize the power of social media to send reminders and offer easy access to post-virtual event online surveys. 


Because virtual events are here to stay, successful event planners like you need to utilize the valuable feedback provided in a post-virtual event survey. 


Asking follow-up questions allows you to plan exciting and effective corporate virtual events that will be the topic of water-cooler conversation for weeks to come. 



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How do you ask for feedback after a virtual event?

Ask for feedback as soon as your virtual event is over. Send it through email, push notification, or post the survey link on your event app or social media pages. 

What should I avoid on my post-virtual event feedback survey?

Avoid loaded questions, leading questions, and lengthy surveys to deter event attendees from completing your feedback survey. 

How can feedback surveys guarantee ROI for investors, sponsors, and event stakeholders?

Administering post-event surveys guarantees ROI for investors and sponsors by ensuring your target audience has a say in how virtual events are planned and implemented, increasing the likelihood of their participation and conversions.