How To Write A Webinar Script To Grab The Attention Of Your Audience

Posted by Sophia Duplin
How To Write A Webinar Script To Grab The Attention Of Your Audience | BeaconLive

Use A Webinar Presentation For Your Business

Webinars are a great way to share your knowledge with others, whether you're selling something or giving them training. They allow for more personal connections between the speaker and listener, leading to opportunities down the road!



Webinar content can be a great way to share updates about your product with customers, build your brand, and drive lead generation goals. 


Not only do live webinars allow you direct access to your audience, but they can also reduce the overall costs associated with customer engagement. 


However, even the best webinars can miss the mark if you don't have a webinar script that retains the attention of audience members. 



What Are Some Tips For The Perfect Webinar Script Template?

No matter how complex your webinar topic is, a good webinar script provides the presenter with waypoints that help them successfully deliver their message. 


The perfect webinar script will vary based on your audience, but your webinar script should include several main points to make sure your presentation follows a logical progression. 


1. Welcome & Webinar Introduction

Your introduction script should welcome webinar attendees to the presentation. Keep your webinar introduction short and friendly to introduce yourself to your webinar attendees. 


Be sure to share your name, relevant experience/knowledge about the topic you are speaking on during the intro, and reiterate the name of your webinar to ensure your audience is in the fitting session. 


It's also important to highlight how your webinar will address the pain points of your audience. Not only will this help make your webinar content more relevant for your attendees, but it will also improve audience engagement throughout the entire presentation. 


2. Present The Webinar Agenda

Your audience has limited time, so you need to outline critical parts of your webinar before you dive into the webinar content. 


The outline should be simple to understand, and you can include the outline on a single slide deck with a few bullet points, like: 

  • Intro: Introduce yourself and share some relevant information to establish yourself as an expert.

  • Proof: Outline key points about the information you will share with examples of how the information leads to a positive outcome. It's a good idea to share testimonials from people who have benefited from your webinars in the past. 

  • Core Webinar Content: This part of the webinar agenda will outline the core pieces of your presentation.

  • Strong Call-To-Action: You should include a strong CTA to get your audience to take action at the end of your webinar presentation. This can include signing up for an email list, reaching out to the sales team, or downloading an ebook. 


3. Tell A Story Before Transitioning To The Main Content

You know that feeling when you're telling a story, and the audience is right there with every twist? Well, it's time for them to get in on this! I want my readers (or listeners) to experience something new. 


Be sure to share a story to connect your webinar topic with the audience before transitioning to the main webinar content. 





4. Use Bullet Points To Build Your Webinar Script

You want your webinar presentation to sound natural and engage with your audience. The best way to accomplish both goals is to create your webinar script with some essential bullet points and key takeaways instead of scripting the entire webinar word-for-word. 


This strategy is commonly used for public speaking because it provides flexibility for the presenter throughout the presentation. You are less likely to get off track than a word-for-word webinar script. 


5. Write A Webinar Script For Your Intended Audience

Webinars are a great way to reach your target market. Consider the language you'll use, as well as points of reference and units when scripting webinars for maximum impact on attendees who want clear communication too!


Webinar Scripts Do's

Webinar Script Don'ts

  • Use Clear Language: Use clear and concise language to share your thoughts
  • Use Slang: Avoid the use of regional slang since some audience members might not understand the terms.
  • Use Varying Language: Use measurements for different metrics in commonly understood variations (ex: miles vs km)
  • Use Acronyms: Avoid confusing acronyms. Keep your message as simple as possible to retain the attention of your audience.
  • Use Concise Language: Keep sentences short and get your point across quickly. 
  • Use Too Many Numbers: Avoid the use of too many numbers because people will get lost or lose attention. (Ex: dates or stats)
  • Use Focused Language: Focus on the main point and provide important takeaways to support your main point. 
  • Use Off-Topic Examples: Avoid using examples and anecdotes that your intended audience may not understand.



A Simple Webinar Script Example That You Can Use Today

A webinar script can help your confidence during a live webinar. It can also help you stay on track throughout the webinar presentation and keep your audience's attention. Your webinar script template doesn't need to be fancy- in fact, a simple webinar script can be best because you will be able to add information based on audience feedback. 


Here is a simple webinar script template that can help you make your webinar's structure and content easy to follow for listeners, no matter who is presenting. 


[Begin Webinar]



Host: Welcome, everyone! Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey. My name is [HOST NAME], and I am the CEO of an ills leading provider in our industry with XYZ's service. 

We are happy that so many people can't wait until next week when we will be discussing how they, too, could benefit from all these fantastic tools.


Host: Today, we are presenting a sneak peek into the future. Today's presentation will be about [TITLE] by our expert presenter - just one of many tools available through your BeaconLive control panel for your audience with ease!




Presenter: Thank you, [HOST]! I appreciate the introduction. It's great to be speaking with all of you today… It gives me such pleasure that we can share some time!





Host: Thank you, [PRESENTER]! We will now take some time for questions. Just a reminder to make sure your question is answered properly using the interactive BeaconLive webinar software. 




Host: It looks like we have covered all the bases. Is there anything else you wanted me to mention before wrapping up?


Presenter: I think we're good for now! Thank you, everyone. It was a pleasure being with you today, and I hope that this has been a great experience for everyone!




Host: Thank you, everyone! We appreciate you being here. [MENTION ANY OTHER ANNOUNCEMENTS & MAIN CALL TO ACTION]. Thanks again for joining us today, and we will see you all next time around :)


[End Webinar]



Host A Great Live Webinar With The Perfect Webinar Script

There are a lot of benefits to webinars, but you have only limited time. This means the right words need saying for your audience and potential conversions can be achieved. 


It doesn't matter if what you want is simply reaching as many people with information or trying out something new.


Whether you are an experienced webinar host or just a beginner, a webinar script can help you stay on track and improve audience engagement. 


Make sure you follow these tips when creating a presentation to make it more interesting for your audience. The result will be that they are hooked from start-to-finish, and have no choice but take action!


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What causes a bad webinar?

Scheduling your webinar at the wrong time and not respecting your audience's time are both mistakes that can lead to low attendance. Another misstep hosts make is not promoting their event enough, which also affects registration rates as well.

Do you have to show your face on a webinar?

In most cases, you don't have to appear on video for a webinar. You can participate using the chat function or by simply listening with an audio/talk button if your mic is connected.

How long should a webinar be?

The majority of webinars are 60 minutes long. This will give you enough time to get acquainted with the speaker, learn about their company or topic for that day in just 5-7 minutes while they're welcoming everyone before starting on presentations which can go anywhere from 38 - 45 min each!