3 Professional Tips To Make Your On-Demand Webinars Amazing

Posted by Sophia Duplin

Grow Your Business With On-Demand Webinars

As your business continues to rely on technology to connect with your audience, you can use a special kind of webinar called an "on-demand webinar" to increase sales, promote a message, and provide updates to your products or services. 


Unlike other kinds of webinars and live online events, an on-demand webinar is a pre-recorded presentation that customers can play at any time. 


These webinars are typically recorded live and then uploaded to the website so customers can watch the video after the live webinar has ended.



What Are The Benefits Of An On-Demand Webinar?

It's hard to think about the webinar after it ends, and your customers will likely not reflect on the presentation after the live event. However, you can still share your knowledge by reusing what was said during a live event in an on-demand format. 


This means that on-demand webinars will support your content marketing strategy and position your content for webinar attendees for months to come. 


While webinars take a lot of time and resources, there are many benefits that on-demand content can bring to your business like: 

  • 24/7 Lead Generation: You already know that webinars provide a great way to reach your audience and drive more traffic to your site. What if you could get the same benefits of the webinar after the live event? Now you can get on-demand webinar content because these videos and other assets can help your customers across all stages of the buying process. 

  • Improved Content Distribution: On-demand webinar content can help fuel your entire content marketing strategy. From social media posts to email newsletters, you can use this recorded content in many ways to boost your online presence. Who knew repurposing content was so easy and powerful!

  • Establish Your Thought-Leadership: Your company is the best in the industry, and now it's time to let everyone know with case studies and use cases. You can use on-demand webinar content to highlight your team's knowledge and capabilities. Be sure to embed a Call To Action (CTA) on each page and at the end of each video to drive more qualified leads!

  • Summarize Stats & Findings: During a live webinar, you will likely use different interactions to keep the attention of your audiences like Q & As, polls, and surveys. Be sure to show the results of your findings- not only will this keep your on-demand audience engaged, but you can also use these findings in future marketing efforts!


Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your On-Demand Webinars

Webinars are an excellent way to stand out in search engine rankings. When people come to your site, they will be looking for any information that might help them decide whether or not you're worth their time (and money!). 


On-demand content can help build your sales funnel and drive qualified customers to your site. You will need to use the correct type of content in the right ways to ensure you reach your intended audience. 


Here are some ways to help you improve the effectiveness of your on-demand videos and content. 


Use Targeted Clips

Not everyone wants to sit through an entire 2-hour webinar. Instead of publishing the entire webinar, you can organize short clips to create a personalized webinar on-demand experience for your future audience. 


You can go one step further than simply uploading the entire webinar recording because you can cut the entire presentation up into smaller chunks and post them across your site. 


By providing a library of tiny, accessible clips, we continued using the content in our engagement with customers and drove traffic for future virtual events.


Once you have the clips organized, you can use them on registration pages, pricing pages, and other pages across your website to drive sales and enhance customer support at each stage of the customer journey. 


Add Value To Your Audience

Webinars are an excellent tool for building engagement, capturing more leads, and nurturing customers. 

It is essential to have a webinar platform that can go beyond simply archiving your videos with features such as the ability to engage viewers by targeting specific content relevant to their industry or region of interest; record results from online surveys after each event, so you know what topics work best for future events.


Be sure to find new ways to enhance the content from each demand recording before you upload clips to your site. Your team should accompany all content with different information like polls and questions used during the real-time presentation. 


All of this will add up in the end and help make your on-demand webinars a central part of the customer lifecycle and sales process!



Make Content Easy To Find

As discussed in previous points, your on-demand webinars need to be more than reuploads of live events. You can use this opportunity to cut more extensive webinars into smaller sections that make for excellent evergreen webinar content across different areas of your site. 


For example, you could use a session from a smaller meeting in a webinar room that focused on onboarding new employees. In this example, your team would use clips and excerpts from the live demo in a specific area of your site for HR professionals or other people who want to learn about onboarding new employees. 


Make your on-demand webinar content easy to find by placing the clips on specific pages on your site. Be sure to guide the right audience to the content with email marketing, social media posts, and other content that links to the relevant pages on your site


Evaluate Who Watches Different On-Demand Content

The success of your on-demand content lies in the information you provide and how it resonates with those who need to know. You can use these webinars or events as opportunities for significant ROI by luring people into them, but they might not work if there is no one looking at all!


We must remember what makes our audience tick because most times (or almost always), this means less effort for your team. Your online event platform should allow you to track various metrics like user engagement, downloads, and time watched on each video.


These metrics can help you determine what content to publish in the future, plus you can use this information to understand the needs and questions your customers have for future virtual events!


Get The Most Out Of Your Marketing With On-Demand Webinar Content

If you're looking to leave a lasting impression with your customers, then an on-demand webinar is likely the right format for you. 


On-demand events are a great way to reuse content from live webinars and provide additional value in addition to what was shared during the live event. 


This means that not only will your audience have access to all of this information as many times as they want, but it also supports your content marketing strategy by positioning these videos as premium pieces of content. 


When people come back later after having watched one or more episodes, they'll be reminded about how valuable the material is as they go through the various stages of purchasing. 



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How can I promote my webinar?

Create a personalized marketing campaign to drive registration for your on-demand webinars. You can use sales pages, search engine optimization (SEO), emails and social media platforms like Facebook Ads or Twitter Promotions as well as online advertisements such Google Adwords.

How does an on-demand webinar work?

On-demand webinars are a new way to schedule and record your online events in the cloud. With on demand webinar services, anyone who registers will have access to an automatically recorded event after it is completed that they can view anytime from any device!

Can you watch live webinars after they end?

Yes! For those who missed the live webinar, you can still watch it later if the original virtual event was recorded.