4 Tips to Captivate Your Audience with Effective Webinar Materials

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Webinars are a cost-effective alternative to in-person meetings, and they allow companies to expand their reach and better target their audience, while delivering a compelling, fully branded experience. In order for webinars to be successful, they need to be engaging, provide value to the audience, and offer actionable takeaways. Webinar presentation materials play an important role in keeping your audience’s attention and making your content more memorable. Here, we’ll offer 4 key tips on how to ensure that your virtual presentation will captivate your virtual audience by employing effective webinar materials.

  1. Provide visual stimulation. 

Main bullet points can be presented in PowerPoint or PDF format. In addition to text, infographics, charts, and graphs are an excellent way to make complex information easier to process. Going a step further, increase attendee engagement by actually going to a website and navigating through the content you are discussing rather than merely showing a screen shot of the website. Also, use mark-up capabilities when they make sense. Draw a circle around a key point or a line to connect related issues. Get your point across visually and you’ll keep people’s interest and even enhance learning. Research has found that visual stimulation increases recall better than when courses deliver information through auditory or textual form. Visuals help people make sense out of the content and direct attention, increasing the possibilities that the learners will remember. After all, 65% of the population are visual learners (Shift eLearning). 

  1. Don’t duplicate your speech and text on the visuals.  

There are few things less engaging than a presenter reading what’s written on a PowerPoint presentation verbatim. Use slides to illustrate your points, not as a visual crutch – and don’t simply read content from the deck. Slim down the text on your slides to a few highly relevant bullet points and then elaborate on these points with animated explanations, examples, relevant anecdotes – whatever can bring the slides to life. Your audience will likely lose interest if you’re reading straight from slides that they can easily read themselves. Bring fresh information into the mix to liven up your presentation. 

  1. Don’t read your presentation from a sheet of paper.  

It comes across very clearly, even in webinar format, when a presenter is reading straight from a piece of paper. Your presentation should sound natural. It’s fine to use an outline, but avoid utilizing a full-text printout of what you’d like to say. It’s too easy to read word-for-word if the full text is in front of you, and you risk sounding robotic. Instead, allow your presentation to flow organically. This will be more relatable for your audience members and prevent them from tuning you out. Also, make sure to ask questions to keep attendees engaged. Your audience will remember less than 30 percent of the sentences they hear during your presentation, but they will remember more than 85 percent of the questions you ask. By asking questions, you deepen audience understanding and conviction (Tero). Keep it interesting!

  1. Use a quality microphone.  

Laptop or PC microphones tend to incorporate a lot of background noise and produce an echo sound. Invest in a quality set of headphones with a noise-cancelling microphone – and be sure to test them out before your presentation! Quality audio is a big deal when it comes to delivering professional webinars. Your content should be delivered clearly so that the audience is able to hear all of your key points perfectly. Distracting background noises come across as unprofessional and, frankly, annoying. All of the attention should be on the delivery of the speakers content, or else it the webinar lacks continuity. 

By following these 4 important tips on how to improve your virtual presentation with effective materials, you’ll increase viewer engagement, enhance learning, and keep attendees stimulated throughout the presentation. The way in which your content is presented is crucial and ultimately determines how much of the content your attendees actually absorb and remember. By taking these key practices into consideration, you’ll enhance the power of your webinars.


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