What Is An LMS For Law Firms?

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What Is An LMS For Law Firms? | BeaconLive

Here’s How An Learning Management System Can Help Your Law Firm Offer A High-Quality Online Learning Experience 


From hosting webinars for lawyers to posting high-quality content to your legal website, you work hard to keep your law firm’s name at the forefront of your practice area. And you want your employees to have all the certifications they need to ensure they are performing at the top of the industry. 


You may be looking to enhance your training program by moving components to an online learning solution. And since nearly half of employees have already participated in an online learning course, your employees may expect it. 


But how can you design strong online learning initiatives that provide high-quality learning experiences and benefit your law firm? 


A learning management system, or LMS, is the best way to offer an online course for legal professionals, streamline your firm’s onboarding process, or even optimize your most important employee training courses


Let’s look at what an LMS is, how it’s used in the legal industry, and how it can benefit your law firm. 


What Is An LMS?

A learning management system, or LMS, is a type of software that offers a framework for course designers to easily organize learning activities to ensure that learners can access course materials, learning experiences, and evidence of the certifications they earned through the LMS. 


The right LMS offers scalability, intuitive instructional design, and a great user experience. 


For the legal industry, this means the ability to provide onboarding, employee training, and CLE courses in an effective and technology-forward way. 


If you host engaging virtual events, your LMS can be a central location for all your on-demand recordings and educational materials. 


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What Is An Online Learning Management System Used For In The Legal Industry? 

Law firms often offer their employees, lawyers, and legal professionals training that helps them further their careers. Additionally, they have an onboarding process that allows new hires to acclimate to the firm. 


eLearning is not a new concept, but with each technological advancement, it becomes more and more versatile, especially for people in the legal field. Online learning is an excellent way for busy legal professionals to get the training they need while meeting all their work obligations. 


There are many different ways LMS implementation can be done in a legal setting. For instance: 

  • Legal departments and small to medium law firms can use eLearning on an LMS to help reduce the time spent on training for topics like updated business processes, healthcare law updates, or new company initiatives. Facilitators can front load their educational materials onto the learning platform, allowing participants to access them on their own time. 

  • Large law firms and legal departments can use a learning management system to track their employees' training progress and quickly pinpoint which course offerings are popular and valuable to their company. 

  • Law firms of all sizes can use an LMS to streamline employee onboarding, allowing new hires to receive training through the learning management system. This will free up your existing employees for other tasks and allow the new hires to learn at their own pace. 

  • Legal professionals looking to try their hand at instructional design can use an online learning platform to create engaging, accredited courses that will help them build their brand, enhance their law firm's digital marketing strategy, and offer important professional development to others in the legal field. 


These are just some of the ways your training team can use an LMS solution in a legal setting. The best LMS will be scaled to your firm’s needs and customized to reflect your unique branding. It’s a great way to incorporate an eLearning platform into your training program. 


Let’s look at how LMS implementation can help elevate your law firm. 


How Can An LMS Help Legal Professionals? 

An LMS solution is a great way to help make your onboarding and training programs more efficient and engaging. 


Here are some ways an online learning platform will benefit your law firm’s business operations. 

  • Engaging features: The best LMS will offer features that will capture your employee’s attention, like gamification, breakout rooms, and live chat features that facilitate networking during the training sessions. The more interactive your offerings are, the higher information retention will be. 

  • Lower training costs: It’s no secret that training costs law firms lots of money. Between instructors, travel costs, educational materials, and time off for employees to attend, the costs can add up. An LMS allows participants to join from wherever they are, cutting costs for your law firm and employees. 

  • Higher training impact: Implementing the suitable LMS will allow your training to have a more significant impact on your legal brand because you’ll be able to identify critical data to drive better choices for training topics. This will help you increase the ROI of your training efforts. 

  • More certification opportunities: Each state has its own requirements for legal training after law school. A law firm LMS will allow your company to implement suitable certification courses, making it easier for your employees to get the certifications they need. You could even offer these courses to outsiders for a small fee, increasing your online learning platform’s ROI. 

  • Streamlined onboarding: If you work for a large law firm or corporate legal department, an LMS will allow all new employees to receive the same onboarding experience. It also allows them to easily upload and manage documents and forms needed to get started. 

  • Improved time management: Traditional in-person training takes valuable time away from your employees’ workdays. Online learning is a great way to allow your lawyers to enhance their skills when they have free time. This means they can spend more time during the work day on essential tasks. 


Adding a new LMS to your company will have a considerable impact on your law firm’s performance and bottom line. 


Learning management systems can make your training programs more effective and help remove tedious tasks, like tracking certification requirements and employee participation, off your plate. 


BeaconLive Offers LMS Consulting Services For Your Law Firm

When you add eLearning training solutions to your law firm’s continuing education initiatives, you show your employees that you have your eye on the future. 


LMS implementation isn’t easy. That’s why you need an LMS consulting team that can help you design the right learning management system for your law firm’s unique needs. 


BeaconLive has over twenty years of experience in helping companies like yours offer virtual events, training programs, and online courses meant to make your learning solutions more engaging and effective. 


We offer scalability, competitive pricing, and a team of experts that can ensure your law firm’s LMS project is a success. 


Contact BeaconLive today for more information on our online learning platform and customizable virtual events. 


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