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Enhance Your Legal Marketing Strategy To Attract New Clients 

Your law firm invests a lot of time into your marketing plan. Many firms, such as those practicing family law, rely on referrals from past clients to attract new ones. However, this isn’t always the case. 


If your firm specializes in practice areas that aren’t referral based, like personal injury law or bankruptcy, you must employ specific marketing tactics to attract new business. 


The best way to promote your law practice is through digital marketing. This means you turn to online marketing channels, like marketing webinars, email marketing, and search engine optimization, to attract prospective clients and increase your online presence. 


Let’s look at seven ways to attract potential clients to your law firm website and build your brand using online marketing. 


Seven Ways To Drive Potential Clients To Your Law Firm Website 

In the past, customers would turn to the yellow pages to seek legal advice. Nowadays, prospective clients will run a quick Google search by typing their questions into the search bar. 


They will read testimonials and look for the law office that seems best equipped to handle their issues. That means you want your legal services to rank highly in the Google search. 


You probably already know about PPC marketing and innovative web design for business development. But to get your law firm website in front of the right people, you need to amp up your digital marketing efforts. 


Here are seven techniques you can add to your existing marketing tactics to bring your firm to the top of the rankings! 


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1. Host Webinars For Lead Generation 

The legal industry often overlooks Webinars, but every marketing agency knows the power they hold. 


A webinar is a virtual event organized by a company that’s broadcast to a specific group of individuals using the Internet. It usually lasts between 60 and 90 minutes and focuses on a particular topic or area of concern that interests a target audience. 


More and more law firms are findings that webinars are incredibly effective marketing tools that boast a host of benefits, including: 

  • Education for your target audience 

  • Answering common legal questions

  • Attracting and reaching out to new clients 

  • Positioning your firm as an authority in your practice area 

  • Building relationships with existing clients 

  • Starting important conversations in your field 


You can choose to present a webinar to a live audience or record them as a webcast to be accessed on demand. Depending on your virtual event platform, you can even record a live webinar with an interactive Q&A and make it available as a media file. This means you’ll be able to use a single event in various ways. 


2. Invest Time And Capital Into Content Marketing 

To help your website’s quality score, you’ll need to add high-quality, SEO-optimized content. Legal professionals can create videos, infographics, and blogs that highlight your expertise and use high-ranking keywords to show how valuable the information is. 


Blogging is an especially great way to build your content marketing strategy for minimal costs and maximum impact. A blog is a collection of online articles focusing on a specific topic. In your case, you’ll want to write blogs that continually circle back to the legal services your firm offers. 


You can optimize these blog posts by using the SEO tips and tricks employed by marketing teams around the world:

  • Stick to a regular voice and keep posts simple 

  • Find a clear focus that highlights your specialties 

  • Keep your blogs evergreen by not discussing specific, dated events 

  • Use backlinks to direct readers to your law firm website and specially designed landing pages

  • Provide high-quality information without specific legal advice. 


Developing a solid blog takes time, so track key metrics to see which articles perform well and repeat. 


A strong content strategy will drive traffic to your website while building credibility around your legal brand. It’s also a cost-effective way for your marketing team to promote your law firm and ensure it appears in the SERPs. 





3. Enhance Your Local SEO

Local SEO is what helps prospective clients find lawyers in their area. The most crucial aspect of your local SEO efforts is your Google My Business listing. 


It’s a free business listing that offers your firm’s connection to Google’s local search results and Google Maps position. It also provides your law firm’s address and phone numbers so new clients can reach out to schedule a consultation. 


Optimizing your Google My Business listing will help your firm’s reputation and ability to reach local clients. Ensure your business address and phone numbers are current, as well as your operating hours and website URL. 


Choose the best category for your firm to ensure customers looking in that practice area will find you. You wouldn’t want clients looking for a family law attorney to call you when your firm mainly handles DUI cases. 


4. Create CLE Courses 

As a legal professional, you already know the importance of continuing legal education. Every state requires these credits and certifications to ensure your legal team performs with the most up-to-date knowledge. 


Creating and marketing CLE courses is a great way to market your law firm. These educational resources help fellow legal professionals obtain CLE credits needed to remain certified in their practice areas. 


Continuing legal education courses are a great way to earn extra revenue for your law firm and attract different people who need CLE credits for essential partnerships. Additionally, it helps get your law firm's name out there and builds your credibility with new clients. 


A good CLE course description also includes lots of law firm SEO to help your business shoot to the top of the SERPs. 


5. Optimize Your Google Ads 

Many law firms spend tons of money on pay-per-click, or PPC, ads only for them to not produce the results they were looking for. 


Ads take up a lot of real estate on the search results pages, and paid traffic only supplements the organic traffic you generate from your law firm's SEO efforts. 


When you compete for highly competitive keywords, like “attorney” or “lawyer,” or don’t optimize your existing ad campaigns, you won’t see the perks of using Google Ads to market your business. 


Put time and effort into your keyword research to be sure your ads target lucrative keywords. Design a professional landing page for each ad and constantly perform A/B testing to see what format works for your target audience. 



6. Leverage Local Service Ads 

Local service ads are featured above PPC ads, which makes them extremely valuable to your firm’s bottom line. Investing money in local service ads means you are listed amongst the top law firms in your area, at least in the view of your target audience. 


These ads differ from PPC because you pay for the lead rather than the click. It's a great way to generate telephone leads, and you’re ranked by a lot more factors than just your keyword bids, such as: 

  • Proximity To Searcher

  • Positive Review 

  • Ad Bid


Local service ads display the attorney’s picture, meaning customers can start putting a face to the name and feeling more secure in their choice. You can even opt for your local service ad to be clickable, meaning the prospective customer can instantly reach out to your law firm for a consultation. 


7. Social Media Posts 

A social media presence is essential for any business looking to generate leads. It’s where your customers spend a lot of their time and even turn when facing an issue. 


Your law firm doesn’t need a profile on every platform, but the big platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook are a must. This will allow you to connect directly with your target audience, support your SEO efforts, and build up your law firm’s credibility. 


As far as social media marketing, there are many ways you can leverage social media to your firm’s advantage, including: 

  • Develop a profile for your law firm by sharing valuable content and interacting with your target audience meaningfully. 

  • Have each attorney in your firm develop a professional social media profile and share firm content to further your reach. 

  • Build authority with social proof like reviews and testimonials posted directly to your social media platform. 

  • Seek out related communities and build a presence to connect with prospective clients. 


Social media marketing is a cost-effective way to boost your law firm's marketing and increase its reach. It also allows you to connect with existing customers to build essential relationships that grow your bottom line. 


Don’t Overlook Law Firm Marketing 

While many marketing trends come and go, digital marketing is a surefire way for law firms to expand their reach, attract new clients, and increase revenue. 


Hosting virtual events is a great way to show your audience that your law firm is comprised of experts in the industry and knows what it takes to get the results they are looking for. 


Whether you’re new to the world of virtual events or don’t have the time to organize them, BeaconLive can help. We have in-house event producers specializing in virtual marketing events and webinars designed for the legal industry. 


With over 150 features, our virtual event platform has what it takes to elevate your law firm and boost ROI. 


Contact BeaconLive today for more information on how virtual events can best serve your legal practice. 


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