Littler Mendelson Case Study

Fully-Managed and Customized Virtual Solution for Littler's 2021 Executive Employer Conference

Case Study Overview

Delivering an Executive Employer Conference to thousands of attendees online, BeaconLive's customized, white-labeled virtual gathering platform works for any audience; focused on quality, scale and networking capabilities - our highly capable platform and team of experts will ensure a high-impact, highly engaging and professionally executed event.


Littler Mendelson, P.C.

High Level Solution Features

  • White-Labeling
  • Multi-Day, Multi-Track Agendas
  • Audience Interaction
  • Automated CE & Certificates

Who is Littler Mendelson, P.C.?

With a singular focus on labor and employment law, Littler provides legal strategies and solutions for employers of all sizes, everywhere. At Littler, their unparalleled commitment to labor and employment law helps their clients navigate a complex business world with nuanced legal issues - building better solutions for their toughest challenges.

Littler harnesses their deep experience and expansive resources that are local everywhere, recruits a diverse team of the brightest minds and fosters a culture that celebrates original thinking. They disrupt the status quo with bold, groundbreaking innovation all in service to their clients.

With a singular focus on labor and employment law for over 75 years, Littler tackles everything from simple questions to complex litigation needs with the same rigor and nuanced approach. At Littler, unconventional thinking is the norm. They listen to their clients’ issues and respond with bold answers that not only address their needs but help shape the industry.

The Challenge

Littler wanted to deliver their 2021 Executive Employer Conference on a virtual platform to over 15,000 attendees. They needed to have a virtual events or webinar vendor that could host this many attendees, as well as support integrated Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits for a customized, white-labeled event. They had experience with other vendors, but none that could deliver the extent of capabilities they needed for this conference.

Virtual Event Requirements:

  • 15,000 attendees

  • Event delivered over 3 days

  • Customized registration pages with different registration links; one for internal employees and one for external clients

  • Pre-recorded event sessions & presentations to ensure high-production value and quality content to be played live during the event

  • All sessions and presentations to become accessible OnDemand once event was over

  • Support CLE within various event sessions

  • Support general CE within other various event sessions

  • "Innovation Pages” to promote different products and services

  • Mixture of Live, On Demand and Simu-Live content

  • A professional tech team and event production team that could manage the virtual platform

  • Adhere to strict security & privacy laws (they had previously run into problems with other vendors)

The Solutions

BeaconLive built out a highly customized virtual expo environment for Littler's 2021 Executive Employer Conference. We began by first building out customized registration pages so that the marketing team could promote the event. These pages were completely white-labeled and designed with Littler’s branding. There were separate links and custom-built registration forms for both internal employees and external clients / attendees.

BeaconLive then customized the virtual expo itself - layout, branding, tabs, etc. There were four separate tabs for attendees to navigate: Home, Speakers, Sessions, and Littler Innovation. The “Littler Innovation” tab had a drop down of 24 custom-built pages that were geared towards marketing different products and services.

Attendees could navigate to the “Sessions” tab to explore an event schedule and add different sessions to their “My Schedule.” This gives the attendees control over their individual event schedule, and the ability to plan out their day with each session they are interested in attending. Attendees could add both Live and On-Demand sessions to their schedule.

Attendees were able to personalize their CLE and CE accreditation by choosing which state jurisdiction to be accredited by. There were also several event sessions eligible for HRCI (Human Resource Certification Institute) accreditation / continuing education. Attendees were able to receive desired certifications for respective event sessions.

BeaconLive built breakout sessions, roundtable networking and event sessions that were white-labeled with event sponsor & exhibitor branding.

We built out event sessions so that they could automatically be transferred into an On-Demand catalog once they were finished playing live for event attendees. Littler wanted to make sure that all event content was clearly organized and filed directly to their proper catalogs. They did not want their event content scattered amongst other content that they offer.

Our engineering team built out custom features and did various testing on their files to make sure that everything worked properly. The BeaconLive team conducted tech runs and dry runs with the Littler Team to ensure that event technology, logistics and scheduling was planned and prepared for show-time.

Littler engaged a trusted video production partner in order to ensure high quality pre-recorded sessions. BeaconLive + Littler worked collaboratively to integrate the sessions and ensure a seamless user viewing experience.

BeaconLive established a project tracker to set deadlines for deliverables and event assets as well as guide and track the lifecycle of the project. There were regular check-in calls set up between the two parties, and daily communication regarding event goals, tasks and deliverables.

The Results

Littler's event had a total of 135 speakers. BeaconLive white-labeled the event pages to display Littler's branding.

Screenshots (2)

Different presentation views were used depending on how many speakers were on camera

Screenshots (1)

Layout of presenters on-screen can be automated or manually configured - here we see a panel discussion.

multiple speakers-1

CART & Closed Captioning was automated. Attendees can adjust how they would like the text displayed.

Screenshots (3)

The BeaconLive event production team worked with Littler's 135 speakers to pre-record presentations, edited the content and prepared it for showtime. Littler wanted to ensure high production value and quality content delivery, so they opted for a simu-live experience. The BeaconLive platform can host Live, Simu-Live (prerecorded), or On-Demand content all in the same event.

CLE Credit smaller res

CLE credits were automated for attendees who registered for them and completed required sessions.

Screenshots (4)

BeaconLive built out individual product pages for Littler Innovation where attendees could learn more information, join relevant event sessions and download resources. Each of these pages were customized. Littler could track attendees that engaged with event content on these pages.

Speaker pages were built out so that attendees could learn more about the experts delivering their event content.

The BeaconLive platform is fully optimized for mobile access. Attendees were able to stream from any device with internet connection. No plug-ins, downloads or extensions are required as the BeaconLive platform is browser based.

Best Vendor To Work With

"I wanted to say you and your group has been great to work with. The amount of help and response paired with patience in the ongoing conversations, has been the best I’ve been a part of among vendors/partners. I am not alone, thank you!"

Webinar Coordinator, Littler Mendelson, P.C.

What sets BeaconLive apart from our competitors is our commitment to quality, capability and customer service. Our team of professionals works with you before, during and after your event to guarantee success. And our platform delivers cutting-edge technology to ensure that your physical-to virtual transition is as seamless and professional as possible.