5 Ways to Boost OnDemand Webinar Registration

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The best part of delivering the recording of your webinar or webcast is the ability to breathe new life into your event so it can thrive in a new world of events. However, you can't just repeat your original event registration and promotional process and expect to see success. Here are 5 considerations when developing your OnDemand webinar promotional plan.  

5 Ways to Boost OnDemand Webinar Registration
  1. Your goal is to reach a broader audience, and now you can when you make your event available 24/7. It's possible that your original prospective audience couldn't fit the live event into their busy schedule, but now they can attend at a time that it is convenient for them.  This is the time that you can just the original webinar invite with a few tweaks to say OnDemand rather than Live.  

  2. Why swim in a small pool of prospective attendees if you could expand the reach of your event to a larger audience?  When tailoring the content of your recorded event for a new audience, keep their needs in mind when crafting a new webinar registration, promotion page and email invitation.  Be careful to identify the benefits of the content and not make it appear as recycled information.  

  3. Tailored repetition is key to promoting a repurposed event.  As we've mentioned before, there is a fine line between promoting your event, and spamming your email list.  We have seen success in delivering 4-5 email invitations over a 3 week span, but you need to consider the people who have already seen the invitation the first time around. We recommend expanding your method of promotions by using multichannel messaging to promote your event.  This way, you are repeating the impressions of the event throughout several locations that your prospective attendee will be.  Don't forget that an OnDemand event doesn't have an expiration (live) date, so you should develop a longer campaign in will expand your webinars reach and ultimately, the ROI.  

  4. Include a single and clear call to action.   It's a common misconception that just because the event is being delivered OnDemand than you can also promote other offers (events, white papers, etc) on the same page.  You should always consider that a prospective attendee is seeing the email, landing, or registration page for the first time, so you will need to obey the original registration page rules (one call to action per page).  

  5. This should go without saying, but it is important to analyze the participant analytics from your first event. When did they hear about the event?  What are their titles?  What coast do they live on?  This will help you plan how to tailor your new promotional campaign to the new audience.

    Did your original participants provide you with new ideas during the post-event evaluation?  Did they have audio troubles?  Did they all request to view the slide deck after the event?  Consider tweaking and adjusting the offer of the event to better suit the needs of your future audience members.  



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What is an OnDemand webinar?

OnDemand webinars are a great way to go because they're recorded and made available as soon as your participants receive an email invitation. This means that you can join at any time, even if it's after the event has started!

How do OnDemand webinars work?

OnDemand webinars allow you to schedule web conferences with registration, which means once everyone has registered we can record your event automatically in the cloud so anyone who signs up will receive a link after it finishes recording!

What are the benefits of a webinar?

Webinars offer the opportunity to reach a targeted audience with your business's message in an interactive and engaging format. They can be used effectively by organizations of all sizes, especially those who want more exposure for their products or services while also giving attendees something new that they haven't seen before.