How OnDemand Webinars Can Benefit YOU

Posted by: The BeaconLive Marketing Team

What are the benefits of OnDemand webinars? According to Adobe’s study on Webinar Engagement, only 36% of registrants actually watch the live webinar. But, what about the other 64% of people who registered? Well, 9% end up not viewing the webinar at all, but 55% of registrants view the recorded video, that is if you have one. If increasing registrant views by over half isn’t enough reason, then here are 7 Benefits to offering OnDemand Webinars.7_benefits_to_ondemand_webinars-007057-edited-060545-edited

  • A study BeaconLive did recently found that there is a 26% increase in total views when clients used the OnDemand feature.

  • Viewers can use the pause and rewind functions to move through webinars at their own learning pace.

  • Viewers can go back and review information they may have missed in the live event.

  • Many viewers are busy; OnDemand allows them to watch the webinar on their own time.

  • According to Adobe, 55% of event registrants watch the recorded video rather than attending the live event.

  • Archive instruction videos for employees to have quick, easy access to workplace training.

  • A study done by Clickz Marketing News shows that only 16% of B2B consumers prefer a live event while the other 84% either had no preference or preferred to watch the webinar at another time. 

You don’t want to lose out on potential leads by not archiving your virtual events. Using OnDemand will help you gain valuable views to push you into an industry leader role. OnDemand will save all of your webinars into a professional, customized video archive, where you and all your viewers will be able to access the video at any time. This archive can be shared through your viewers’ networks and drive in more traffic. OnDemand also allows viewers to search through your webinars and take to find other topics that may interest them or someone they know.

Aside from driving in more viewers, OnDemand will make tasks like employee training easier and cheaper, by allowing employees to go through and watch instructional videos you have created. Instead of hiring someone to teach people new workplace techniques, you can create a virtual event all employees can watch simultaneously (while verifying their participation with arbitrary pop-up quizzes) and test their knowledge at the end. 

With OnDemand you have the ability to drive more traffic, save time and money and keep y­our customers informed. So, take advantage of what OnDemand can do for you!

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