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What Is Inside This Checklist?

To ensure a successful, highly-attended and well-executed virtual event, you will need to promote your event in several different methods. We've developed this Webinar Promotion Checklist to help you engage your target market and increase registrations. 

  • Social Media Planning 
  • Blogging Strategy 
  • Email Scheduling
  • Speaker and Sponsor Promotional Kits 

There are many benefits to using a promotion checklist for your webinars and webcasts including the following:

  • Increased visibility and reach for your virtual event
  • Improved on-time delivery of content
  • Reduced costs associated with promotion
  • Real-time measurement and tracking of ROI from campaigns
  • Improved coordination between marketing teams and virtual events teams
  • Automated reminders to encourage registration, participation, etc., leading to higher attendance rates
  • More effective use of data for hyper-targeted campaigns that increase response rates
  • Enhanced ability to deliver a consistent message across multiple channels in the same campaign

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