The art of the webinar follow up

Posted by: The BeaconLive Marketing Team

The Fine Art of Following Up

One of the most important factors in delivering a successful webinar is also one of the most overlooked tasks on the webinar timeline, following up with your attendees.  It is quite common to be exhilarated upon the completion of your webinar, then dive right into the analytics, but you have to finish the life cycle of the event delivery before your done.  Here are three parts of the webinar follow up process that you need to check off your to-do list before counting your event a success.  

Q&A Sessions


In general, it is best to address questions from attendees during a Q&A session following the webinar presentation, however there will be times when a question is off topic, or far too complex to answer as part of your webinar.

When you run across a question that you will need to answer offline, the first step is to acknowledge the person who asked the question, let them know you will be answering the question via email/social media/phone call, and provide a brief reason why you will be doing so. This process serves a two-fold purpose. First, you let the questioner know they are not being ignored, but that an answer will not come until later. Second, you create an opportunity for other people who had the similar questions to speak up and ask for a response as well.

When you are responding to a question from a webinar after the event has occurred, remember to reference both the webinar topic and the exact question asked by the attendee. This helps contextualize your answer if the person forgets exactly what they had asked.

Responding to questions after a webinar is an opportunity to have a positive interaction with your webinar attendee, and you should treat them as an extension of the webinar itself. Respond as quickly as possible – if you wait too long, the questioner can feel disregarded or forgotten. Also, be sure to invest the effort to create a detailed and accurate response.



It is quite common to request that your attendee complete a post-event survey to evaluate the effectiveness of the presenter, or the content in the presentation.  You can include quick multiple choice questions (would you recommend this event to a colleague), ranking questions (on a scale of 1-5, how would you rank the presenters knowledge on the topic), or open ended questions (what other topics would you be interested in learning more about in the future?).  

As important as analyzing the event analytics (ratio of attendees to registrants) follow up evaluations provide you with a more detailed look at who your attendees are.  Don't be afraid of bad reviews.  Use every opportunity as a learning experience so you can make your next event a success.  Don't forget to take a look at the pre-event analytics as well.


Post Event Emails

Best Practices show us that sending an email to the registrants 24-48 hours after the live event increase retention of the content you delivered.  In this email, you can provide a link to the OnDemand recording of the event, links to SlideShare so the attendee can access your slide deck, or a link to a post event survey.  

Remember to customize the followup emails for both the people who attended the webinar, as well as the people who registered who did not attend the live event.  

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