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Power Of WebinarsWebinars are rapidly becoming the tactic of choice for Legal Marketers delivering content, education, and communication to their employees, customers, and prospects.  In this infographic, you will find webinar statistics that will help you understand what to expect from webinar delivery.    (click here to view "Power of Webinars" infographic in full size).



99% of Legal professionals believe webinars are effective for business development.

Delivering webinars is a cost effective and convenient way to immediately boost business know-how.  An industry expert can develop timely themes and content on topics such as:
  • Key management practices
  • Research finding
  • Business strategies
  • Market trends

96% of legal marketers believe webinars are effective for customer retention.

In this recession-driven environment, companies are clamoring to increase revenue and save costs; customer retention has never been more important.  Oddly enough, most organizations spend more on marketing to gain customers rather than to retain them.

Using webinar technology, you can:

  • Set customer expectations by keeping them in the loop with what is going on with your company and in the industry
  • Build an engaging customer experience with an interactive webinar
  • Show your customers that you are an expert in the industry by presenting your knowledge as a thought leader
  • Go above and beyond by delighting your customers with case studies highlighting them

95% of legal professionals believe webinars are effective for Lead Generation

Even for the most experienced marketers can benefit from a few more leads to add to the sales funnel.Webinars are an effective tool for positioning yourself and your organization as thought leaders.  
Using webinars, you can:
  • Reach a larger audience than you would printing an ad or posting an article online. A professionally designed webinar has a better chance of being shared because of its sheer convenience 
  • Build your email list with opted-in names of people who want to know more about your organization
  • Improve employee productivity because rather than delivering a sales spiel to one person, you can deliver it to anyone
  • Establish brand trust and long-term relationships
  • Improve and expand your content marketing

98% of Legal professionals believe that webinars are effective for delivering virtual CLE.

Could your office or association benefit from less work following the delivery of your virtual CLE event? 
  • Boost engagement with your audience in real time
  • Establish thought leadership within your industry
  • Engage with prospective customers across more stages of the buying cycle
  • Create enduring video content for increasing your ROI
  • Deliver content to a geographically diverse audience in a cost effective way

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