How to Follow Up With Webinar Attendees (Or Potential Prospects)

Posted by: The BeaconLive Marketing Team

You just finished delivering a succesful webinar presentation with no technology hiccups, no awkward long silences, and your 'movie-trailer' voice never wavered (high five!). Now what? 


The next 48 hours are critical to your projected webinar ROI success and if you don't act quickly you might as well not have done anything at all. Here's why; people will move on to the next big event before you're even done patting yourself on the back. "The researchers at Rexi Media, a company that specializes in presentation training, say audiences will forget 90 percent of what you present--within two days" ( Don't let your attendees forget how much they learned from you and don't let them get away thinking that's the end of their relationship with you -here's where it officially starts!


Below are some examples on how to follow up on prospects & approach your webinar attendees after an event:


"hey, remember me?"

  • One hour to 24 hours after event: thank your webinar attendees for showing up to your event. 

  • Provide a link to the event's recording (if available) so they may revisit the content.  

  • Ask your webinar attendees to provide some feedback via an evaluation form or survey. 

  • Ask them if they are interested in learning more through a demo.

  • Provide links to relevant blog posts (always link back to your website) or other sources such as white papers and infographics

"Lets be friends"

  • Take your list of attendees and add their Email addresses to your marketing database. 

  • Invite them to future events.

  • Invite them to schedule a demo. 

  • Connect with them on social media and start conversations.

  • Using marketing automation software identify the attendees who have shown the most interest in your company (those with a high lead score) and give them a call. Ask them what kind of service/product they are looking for at the moment and relate your product to their answer.  

Webinars are an effective strategy for lead generation, but they are only as affective as you make them out to be. There are numerous results you can obtain from them such as building brand awareness, attracting new potential prospects, and customer retention. But without a post-event strategy in place, the benefits will vanish quickly.


Following-up with webinar attendees is the first step in repurposing event content. Increase the lifetime value and the ROI of your webinar by distributing and repurposing your event content. 


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Our event services team can help you follow up on webinar attendees and continue the conversation going, even if you don't have the time or bandwith after the event is over. Learn how BeaconLive provides pre-event, live-event, and post-event support when you deliver your virtual event with us.


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