Introducing Beacon360 – One Service: A Complete Continuing Education Solution

Posted by Sophia Duplin

Feeling frustrated with your current eLearning platform interface? Managing multiple moving parts of your online CME or CLE program using disparate applications that don’t integrate with one another? Can’t fully measure the success of your virtual events? Well, it’s time to change all that!


When it comes to Continuing Education, our team leaves no stone unturned. We’re confident our CE solutions will make a huge difference in enhancing the value of your services, and that your customers will be delighted, too. That’s why we wanted to take this opportunity to let our readers know that things have been heating up at BeaconLive! We’ve recently launched a new product – Beacon360 – a highly configurable content development and management solution, designed to meet the specific needs of our CE customers – from start to finish.


No other CE system on the market meets ALL of the national CLE requirements. We handle 50 vs. 60 minute state requirements and certificates, we can accommodate multiple certificates with multiple bar numbers for multiple states, and we can pass different state notes, statuses and codes, which is particularly important for the national CLE world. Plus, our knowledgeable team knows all the rules and regulations, so our customers are in great hands!


Moreover, having served the healthcare industry for many years and having partnerships with many accrediting institutions and organizations, we offer a trusted and fully customizable content delivery platform that meets the pre, live and post presentation needs for both CME and medical marketing professionals – all wrapped up in one platform!

What Other Attributes Make Beacon360 So Powerful?

The Beacon360 platform is designed to empower CE providers to easily organize, launch and automate virtual events. Users can intuitively leverage the fully customizable Beacon360 Dashboard and Workflow tools to wow their Continuing Education customers with the ultimate in user experience and streamline their entire event attendee process—from registration to final certificate delivery.


Plus, our platform scales to accommodate audiences of ANY size, and our Developer’s Portal provides access to APIs your engineers can use to enable seamless integration with your data management and marketing automation systems.


All-In-One Continuing Education Functionality

Beacon360 was built as “One Service” – a complete Continuing Education solution, so that you don’t have to separately manage all the components of your CE program through multiple websites or apps. We help our CE and eLearning customers meet all of the requirements set by the accrediting bodies, eliminating all those precious hours spent on administrative and tracking tasks. Plus, our solution can verify participation, administer and grade quizzes and exams, provide certificates of completion, and much more! And these features are all available during live webinars and webcasts, as well as for OnDemand playback.


Seamless Live Event Management

Beacon360 users can select either self-managed or full-service events to deliver content across any device to an audience of any size. No hassle. No downloads. No service issues. During live events, our customers can lean on a knowledgeable Event Moderator to ensure the successful and seamless delivery of each event. Plus, each of our customers has access to reliable analytics that help them measure the success of their virtual events – webinars, webcasts, online seminars – you name it. Your event can scale to 10,000+ attendees and our product is entirely mobile and tablet friendly!


Best-In-Class Event Services

Partner with our dedicated Event Services Team and BeaconLive will assist in the production and execution of your events. From event creation, through the live delivery, to final reporting and analysis, our team is available to support you at every stage of your program, should you so desire.


At the onset of a full-service engagement, we pair our customers with their own Events Team – where a dedicated Account Manager (AM) and Event Producer (EP) work with them on each virtual event. After creating a fully branded registration page for a given event, the EP sets up the customized web room, ensures the system is configured properly for the specific type of event, and prepares the room with any conferencing materials or videos that are to be used during the presentation. And following a CE presentation, our technical team creates two versions of an edited recording of the event – one file for your OnDemand content database, where users can purchase the content, watch and receive credits, and another file for Replay. Our customers also receive a detailed report of all attendee interactions within the web room. Comprehensive analytics to the rescue!


Intuitive Media Management Tools

BeaconLive’s media management tools enable the creation of custom catalogs, allowing for unlimited delivery of your online content to your virtual audience – anytime, anywhere and from any device. From program creation and course management to custom catalog creation to commerce and sponsorship support, you can conduct all related activities right from within Beacon360.

Want to learn more about Beacon360 and our Continuing Education services? Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our specialists!


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