Everything You Need to Know About the BeaconLive Developer's Portal

BeaconLive Developer's Portal

Looking for complete virtual event integration with your own SaaS applications? You’ve arrived in the right place!


So many of our current customers have come to us in need of a content delivery solution that truly meets their organization’s needs. They’re looking for a reliable platform that effortlessly scales with the size of their audience (without hemorrhaging money for extra attendees). They want powerful engagement tools and comprehensive analytics. And many of our clients must be equipped to execute both Continuing Education and marketing programs all from the same platform. Of course, BeaconLive delivers the goods.


But what makes these benefits extra helpful is to be able to make them your own using our custom APIs.


What Do We Mean By Your Own?

With streamlined access to our BeaconLive Developer’s Portal and API Documentation Tool, we’re giving our customers the cutting edge look and feel they need to deliver professional virtual events—from online classes to corporate town halls—directly within their own applications. With our two systems talking to each other as one single unit, BeaconLive’s platform is easily integrated with yours – and while we are powering your virtual events from behind the scenes, your business looks like the pro. We’d like to think of it as 1 + 1 = 3!


Frankly speaking, if you’re partnering with a webinar or webcasting platform provider that doesn’t offer this type of integration with your registration or marketing automation systems, they’re not keeping up with industry standards and you’re missing out on opportunities to provide additional value to your customers. So we thought we’d take this opportunity to explain more about what all the technical advantages mean for YOU.


BeaconLive APIs enable users to create virtual events, efficiently register event participants, and access attendance and performance data from within your own applications.


For those of you who aren’t wearing the technical hat on a regular basis (or ever), an API – short for Application Program Interface – is a set of protocols and tools developers use to build software applications. In a nutshell, API Keys stipulate how software components should interact with each other, and provide a unique identifier and authentication token to the respective user.


Our BeaconLive APIs take advantage of SWAGGER documentation – a trusted and powerful open source framework backed by an expansive network of tools that helps engineers easily design, build, edit and document their ReST (Representational State Transfer) APIs, and of course, put them to use. This documentation “platform” of sorts generates a file that a user needs to call into our system. With SWAGGER documentation, engineers and developers can forget about digging around in white papers to figure out how it all works – they already know the quality and structure of what they’re getting, which expedites their design process and gives them confidence in the end result.


More specifically, BeaconLive’s APIs enable you to:

  • Schedule, edit, and retrieve your virtual events.

  • Register single or batch attendees to your event.

  • Retrieve important attendance and analytics data about your completed event.


Now creating fully branded webinars and webcasts directly within your own software has never been easier. Say, for example, you’d like to enable your clients to create a new virtual event right within your marketing automation, continuing ed or event management platform – no third party required. With our custom API Keys, this is not only possible but quick and painless.


To get hooked into our BeaconLive platform, it’s a simple three-step process:

  1. Join BeaconLive.

  2. Receive your custom API Key from your BeaconLive account representative.

  3. Start coding!


Customer Gregory Sherrow – Vice President of Client Solutions at ePublishing, Inc. – elaborates on the integration here: “Our developers used BeaconLive APIs to build the latest webinar technology directly into our enterprise tools. Our clients can now run best-in-class webinars directly from our ePublishing Event Manager, eliminating the need to log into additional third-party applications. The intuitive user interface of such a sophisticated product makes this a valuable tool for any organization to easily create content that resonates with their audience.”

Benefits of Using Our APIs

Using BeaconLive APIs, it’s all about adding value for your customers AND their end users. You’re ultimately creating a better all-around experience for the third party, which makes life easier for you as well. How, you ask?

  • Simplified workflows. There’s no need for your customers to log in to both your website and BeaconLive’s. Through this integration, you’re bringing your customer into a single, convenient experience.

  • Branding from start to finish. Your event’s creation and registration process uses BeaconLive’s tools without sending your customers away from your website. Your branding stays in front of the customer, and in reality, they don’t even need to know that BeaconLive exists at all.

  • Time savings. Without these capabilities, your engineering team would have to build something custom from scratch. With BeaconLive APIs, you’re easily able to streamline virtual event production, saving on hours of technical work (not to mention resources and funds).

  • Seamless transference of data. As APIs represent a deeper integration between two systems, you’ll have all the analytics from your events automatically syncing with your data. No hassle involved!


More on Our API Documentation Tool…

Our API Documentation tool essentially serves as a workbench for engineers, representing all the documentation they need to get started using it. It’s also a playground or test area where developers can fire off API calls by filling out simple fields.


There’s no irritating need to cumbersomely read through a white paper and create all the code necessary to integrate our platform with yours. All you have to do is fill in the details – and boom! There’s your event. Plus, you can see it working in action before you even build it.


Our own dev team is continuously working on expanding our Developer’s Portal capabilities. We’ll continue to inform our customers, fans and followers with updates and additions. Have questions about our API Keys, integration with your technology, or anything else about our platform or services? Contact us today! We’re happy to help.


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