How To Promote Your Webinar In 21 Days

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How should I promote my webinar?

How often should I send a webinar invitation email?

How do I find attendees for my virtual event?



Our Account Managers and Event Producers are asked how to promote events all the time.  As a full service webinar provider, we want to provide our customers with the best practices for delivering their events as well as promoting them.  We have put together a basic promotion schedule for you to follow when promoting your next webinar. 


21 days to go:

Add a landing page and event promotional banners to your website. Create different banners in contrasting colors in various places around your website to make the promotions pop!


20 days to go:

Post a pre-event promo video highlighting what content the webinar will cover and who the presenters are. 


19 days to go:

Have the presenter post a blog discussing what they plan to ‘reveal’ during the live event.


18 days to go:

Add a link to the event registration page to your email signatures.  Don't forget to pass it around to coworkers.


17 days to go:

Create a pre-event meme or graphic for promoting on social media.  Each social networking site has different dimension requirements for their images. is a great free source for creating graphics if you do not have design gurus on your team. Stick to the social media design specs to make sure the images are posting clearly.

  • Facebook = 1200 x 630 pixels

  • Twitter = 1600 x 900 pixels

  • LinkedIn = 1200 x 627 pixels 


16 Days to go:

Send an email to the associations you belong to asking them to help you promote the event.  Provide them with a ‘webinar media kit’ of images for blogs, emails and social media, bios of the presenters, and links for more information on the event. 


15 days to go:

Build a ‘share with a friend/colleague’ landing pages and emails for attendees to easily forward to their peers.


14 days to go:

Send an email to your list or prospective attendees.  Check out these 10 proven strategies for creating effective email invitations.


13 days to go:

Post a pre-event infographic, or slide deck sharing statistics that will be discussed during the event. 


12 days to go:

Post the event on your LinkedIn company page, then share it on your personal page. Ask your connections to share it with their connections to expand your event's reach.


11 days to go:

Send a Press Release promoting your event.  Create a new pre-event meme or graphic for promoting on social media.  Switch the colors and messaging to avoid redundancy, but stay consistent with your branding and theme.


10 days to go:

Send your second email invitation. Be sure to change the subject line of your event.  Did you know there is a 65% drop in Email open rates when you don’t change the subject line after the first email?  Change enough of the body of the email to make sure people don't think they’re being spammed.


9 days to go:

Have the speaker and sponsors share the event in their email newsletters and on their social networks.


8 days to go:

Create a social network Pay Per Click campaign promoting your event on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Direct all of this traffic to a different registration landing page so you can track which networks provide you with the best results. 

Don't forget to keep promoting your event through all of your social networking sites using a hashtag throughout the next week. Be sure to change the wording of your social posts.  We recommend the following social schedule:

  • LinkedIn = every other day

  • Facebook = every two days

  • Twitter = multiple times a day


Statistics show, 50-70% of attendees for an online event will register the week of the event. 


7 days to go:

Post a presenter ‘interview style' blog. Find similar blogs that have been written on the topic of your event, and post comments about why your event is different, and invite them to attend.  Remember to be thoughtful in your posts – nobody likes spammy salesy promotions.


6 days to go:

Send Email #3.  Send a text-based email (no HTML template) with the basics of the event.  Don't forget to add personalization, and a closing from whomever is delivering the event (statistics show that people respond to emails when they are coming from an actual person, not a company).


5 days to go:

Send pre-written tweets to the presenter, and sponsors.  Make their life easy so they just have to insert the tweets (including shortened links, hashtags, and appropriately sized images) to their twitter accounts. Don't forget to retweet them and mention them in your own tweets. 


4 days to go:

Change up your pre-event meme/graphic for your social streams again. 


3 days to go:

Check in on your hashtag engagement. If someone is promoting the event for you, or discussing the content, join in on the conversation.


Start conversations in LinkedIn groups where your attendees might be.  Again, don't promote the event, but begin a virtual conversation. 


2 days to go:

Send email 4.  Use a subject line creating a sense of urgency for the event “This week!” “Last chance to Register!” “2 days left!”


1 day to go:

Increase your social engagement today to promote the event on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. 


Morning of the event:

Send email 5. "Last chance."  "Webinar today."


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