HealthCare Virtual Customer Engagement Strategies Amidst Covid-19

Posted by: Sophia Duplin

In the socially-distanced world of Covid-19, strategies for in-person Sales, Marketing, and Engagement have changed drastically, and for HealthCare professionals in particular. Many companies in the industry are facing the reality that their field or customer facing roles have limited access to in-person visits to providers, generating a huge risk to revenue streams. As Intouch Solutions has stated here, “a dual approach of strategic re-evaluation and the addition of new technology systems is necessary” to address the unique challenges posed by our world today.


As with most healthcare verticals, Pharma companies have reported that the use of digital marketing has increased by 56%, as published by PM360. Although we can expect that in-person marketing and engagement strategies will somewhat return to what they were like pre-Covid-19, the prominence of digital marketing and engagement will be a long-lasting change in the industry.


Solution: Inform & Engage Virtually with Continuing Medical Education (CME). Healthcare Medical Affairs and Marketing Leaders can leverage virtual event platforms that integrate Continuing Medical Education credits to meet the customer’s requirements virtually, and provide a much more cost effective solution than in-person CME events. With BeaconLive, we can assist you in offering these as either a Live or On-Demand CME Virtual Event.




Augmenting the sales and engagement processes is only the start of how the medtech, biotech and pharmaceutical industries are being revolutionized amidst Covid-19. As McKinsey & Company said here, “medtech leaders are also looking outside their normal sector boundaries to explore creative solutions to further supplement capacity, such as partnerships with companies outside the sector, open-source equipment design and deployment of medically trained employees to support public-health needs.” Never before has such large-scale distribution of information and training been necessary. To serve healthcare’s critical needs, these industries need to focus on scalability, quality and innovation in virtual communication streams.


Part of the crisis response and resilience required for us to come out of this pandemic stronger involves a complete re-imagining of how we connect with our audiences. Don’t lose the capacity for your organization to relay important and impactful knowledge, training and strategy due to the current in-person restrictions. Communicate with your organization and your HealthCare Professionals by deploying CME-focused Large-Scale Virtual Events, Webinars and Webcasts. As McKinsey & Company said here, “companies should consider quickly prioritizing and scaling digital capabilities to enable digital touchpoints with their customers - such as online customer service representatives, webinars with key opinion leaders, professional education and conferences for professional industry associations.”


Multi-Day Virtual Conferences can drive engagement and provide networking opportunities for your entire audience. Webinars can be used to distribute specific information, involve key thought leaders in the industry and train employees and providers. Webcasts can incorporate a virtual component to any in-person event, allowing you to expand your outreach. (If you are unsure about the difference between a webinar and a webcast visit our FAQ page here.)


Scale your business more than ever by hosting up to 40,000 members in a single Virtual Event. Engage your audiences with interactive polling, Q&A chatrooms and certifications & compliance credits. Reimagine the value-add you can give to your audience in our virtual-first world, and how those might end up being permanent revenue streams for your organization.


By expanding your virtual outreach and engagement, you will help to keep your employees safe, ensure continued business development and begin to shape the future of medtech, biotech and device marketing & engagement.


There are several organizations that offer Virtual Events, Webinars and Webcasts. But BeaconLive is the only company that can offer a fully managed solution - from content hosting & streaming to professionally moderated events, to user tracking, management, and distribution of Continuing Education certifications and compliance credits. BeaconLive scales up to 40,000 attendees per event and has a professional Event Services team to manage the technicalities. White-Label and Sponsor-Value-Add opportunities are available when working with BeaconLive. Tailor your Event with the complete BeaconLive Feature List.



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