Adding webinars and webcasts to your online marketing efforts

Posted by: Leidy Restrepo

online_marketing-1Marketing is a constant contest for people's attention. We hardly ever get to feel like we're ahead of the game because just when we thought we were close, a new method has evolved. However, as rapidly changing the industry can be, there are a few set of tools and practices that have stood the test of time and proven worthy of continuing:
  • Email marketing provides a high ROI, on average. However, that doesn't mean starts Emailing  your members without a purpose. The best reason to reach out to your audience via Email is to offer a benefit or an important message, such as an invitation to an eLearning opportunity. People will not only see that your message is relevant and worthy of saving, but if you have the ability to deliver an online event you can continue engaging your audience in a much more interactive platform.
  • Content Marketing. The best way to increase traffic and improve your SEO is by offering useful and relevant content. Webinars are a great approach because their entire aim is to offer a solution to a problem in your industry and attract as many attendees as possible. Furthermore, your webinar content can be repurposed into several other pieces across different formats such as an ebook or whitepaper offering.
  • About 25% of marketers have used webinar videos in their Email marketing efforts. Video sparks the interest of people tremendously. Try using videos in your emails by adding a screenshot of your webinar and placing a link on the image so users can click on the image and be redirected to your webinar's landing page. 
  • 1/3 of all website traffic is coming from mobile. Recently, Google posted an update to their search engine that favorites websites and online content that is mobile friendly. Your webinar provider should be aware of this and be able to provide you with a platform that is mobile accessible for your attendees on the go. Catering to a mobile audience is no longer a luxury but a necessity.   
There are three major concepts we like to stress to our partners, content marketing works, mobile-friendly is a must, and your webinar/webcast platform should work for you; not the other way around. 
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