5 Ways to Gain Interest with Your Webinar Topic

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5 Ways to Gain Interest with Your Webinar Topic | BeaconLive

Use These Tips To Choose A Winning Webinar Topic Your Audience Will Love



Webinars are a great addition to any marketing strategy because they attract potential customers and build brand recognition. These online events can even be recorded for future viewing, giving your content marketing a boost. 


And unlike webcasts, webinars allow participants to ask questions and engage with your company. They help to build important relationships with your target audience. But it takes a lot of time and effort to produce a successful webinar. One way to ensure your webinar attracts the right people is to choose the perfect topic. 


Finding popular webinar topics that will engage your audience isn’t as challenging as it sounds. However, how can you be sure your audience agrees that your webinar topic is spectacular?  


You need to choose a topic that will interest viewers enough that they’ll want to come back to you for more valuable information in the future. 


Let’s look at five important ways to ensure you and your sales team choose an interesting webinar topic for your audience. 


1. Pin Down Your Target Audience  

Webinars work well as marketing tools for lead generation. So you must choose the best webinar topics to engage your target audience. Before you can do this, you need to define your ideal customer with a buyer persona. 


A buyer persona allows you to predict the behavior of your potential attendees and choose the webinar topics they will want to engage with. This information is vital to help you choose the right webinar topic, since you need to choose a topic that matches the needs and interests of your audience if you want to drive high attendance. 


You need to be very clear about who you are targeting in your webinar content. Think about the typical attributes of your perfect webinar participant for each session. Ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Are they existing clients you want to up-sell to or provide thought leadership to?

  • Are they partners or volunteers?

  • Are they exporters looking to grow their reach fast?

  • Are they key influencers you want to take your message viral? 


Once you know whom you want to attract, fine-tuning your topic and the benefits of each webinar will be much easier. For instance, are you looking to target customers in a particular part of the sales funnel, entrepreneurs looking to find new opportunities, or small business beginners wanting to hit the ground running? If you know the people you want to attract to your webinar, you’ll be more likely to choose the right topic. 


Aim to deliver awareness-building and educational content to your customers to provide them with a great user experience that will have them looking for a whole webinar series.    


2. Know What The Pain Points And Opportunities Are For The Participants

Ask yourself: What pain points are prospects or customers feeling or what opportunities are they missing out on right now? That’s a great starting point for coming up with the right webinar topic. 


Get together with your team, group similar topic ideas, and vote on which ones you think to offer the most helpful information for this particular audience. You could also turn to social media platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook to see what pain points customers are experiencing or what opportunities they are looking for. 


Try to select a broad enough topic to attract a large audience yet targeted enough to provide actionable advice that webinar attendees can implement the second they hop off your virtual event


You want your webinar participants to walk away from your session with some great webinar takeaways. After your brainstorming session, you’ll ideally have at least two or three topics to leverage to fuel your webinar broadcasting funnel. 


3. The More Niche The Topic, The Better

When it comes to webinar topics, you want to stay away from anything generic. Instead, focus on developing your content for a specific audience. To find these webinar attendees, your event title should offer solutions to a problem and, in turn, prompt more people to tune into your webinar. 


To generate helpful webinar topics that will be of interest to viewers, ask yourself:

  • What do you find yourself explaining again and again to your clients?

  • What do your clients or prospects want to learn about?

  • What is the most valuable thing you could share in 45-50 minutes? 


These questions will help you pinpoint where to focus your energy so you’re effectively catering to your audience’s needs and interests. 


Once you identify your niche topic, be sure to make it clear in your webinar marketing to ensure the right people find your event. You’ll also need to choose a moderator who is knowledgeable in your niche to ensure they can answer any questions that come up about your great topic. 


4. Cut To The Chase By Making Each Webinar Have A Singular Purpose

If you’re developing a webinar series, you must ensure each session has a direct, clear purpose. This means choosing a webinar topic that is specific enough to cover in a brief amount of time. Ask yourself: 

  • What is the main focus of your webinar? 

  • Can you sum this up in one sentence? 

  • Can I reasonably cover this topic in under an hour? 


This will help you deliver the benefits quickly, as there is usually more you can say than you have time for. Remember that most webinars are 30-45 minutes long, followed by Q&A for 10-15 minutes. 


So if you can’t offer value to your audience in this timeframe, you need to go back to the drawing board to narrow down your webinar topic.


5. Call Out The Core Benefits Of Each Webinar

While there are many different types of webinars, they all serve the same purpose. The functionality of a webinar is to offer value to your target audience. 


Ensuring each of your webinars is sufficiently beneficial is an excellent way to attract new customers and build connections with existing ones. 


When you know your webinar topic and the singular purpose for that session, you need three or four compelling benefits for your target audience to attend. Make these clear in your webinar marketing materials to ensure your audience knows why they can’t miss your virtual event. 


Each webinar should deliver a few attractive vital takeaways for the people tuning in. This means that both existing and new customers will be able to benefit from the webinar topic you have chosen.


So when you are choosing the best webinar topic for your virtual event, make sure the benefits are actionable and easily communicated. This will help potential attendees see the value in your webinar and rush to sign up. 


Partner With BeaconLive’s Webinar Platform To Deliver Your Winning Webinar Topic

Once you’ve mastered these five webinar tips, you’ll be delivering engaging, valuable webinars that will not only excite viewers but also assure them that you understand how to help them. This means your free webinar will offer high ROI and the opportunity to convert attendees into new customers. 


Know exactly whom you’re talking to, what they want to hear, and how to optimally deliver this information to choose the best webinar topic for your unique audience. 

Looking for a webinar platform that offers scalable cloud-based solutions? Contact BeaconLive for more information on how we can help you plan and execute your best webinar yet.


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A single webinar should last between 60 to 90  minutes, including a dedicated Q&A session.

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