5 Virtual Selling Tips Your Sales Team Can Use On Your Next Virtual Event

Posted by Sophia Duplin

How To Sell Without Leaving Your Office

Companies worldwide are adapting to changes in the market and accommodating the needs of their customers by implementing virtual sales across their sales departments. 


Instead of relying on face-to-face meetings with customers for product pitches or prospecting, many sales teams are finding that most clients prefer (or even require) online virtual sales meetings.  


Today's sales professionals need to rethink the entire sales environment to accept the new "normal" of virtual selling. A successful salesforce needs to know how to navigate technology while connecting with their clients, from online sales training to refining how they build rapport in an online environment. 


A recent study shows that most B2B clients prefer online meetings compared to face-to-face meetings. Still, many sales managers are learning that the virtual sales process can harm the effectiveness (win rates) and efficiency if their salesforce does not have the sales tools and virtual sales skills needed in the new sales environment. 


The Same Rules Apply In A Virtual World

Sales professionals know they need to connect with buyers as quickly as possible to close more deals. Even as we transition to a virtual world, the sales process still requires social selling, research, and measuring success to improve the overall impact of the salesforce. 


If you are concerned with the transition to the virtual sales process, know that not much will change in terms of the fundamentals, including:

  • Be Authentic: You need to build genuine connections with your clients, whether you are face-to-face with a prospect or conducting a sales conversation over video chat. Remote sales can accomplish this with virtual sales calls, but it comes down to your ability to present an authentic and trustworthy presence on the call.

  • Active Listening: Video calls are one of the best ways to connect with your buyers. During a call, sales professionals have the opportunity to speak, listen, and show their audience they are engaged throughout the conversation. Make sure you ask your customers questions throughout your interaction and show that you are engaged and connected to what they are saying. 

  • Create A Memorable Experience: Sales presentations don't have to be boring. You can customize each step of your business development process with interactive content like webinars and other video sales techniques to create an event your audience will remember throughout the sales cycle. 

You already know the basics of sales, so don't make it too complicated when translating your sales skills to the virtual sales environment. Here are six tips to improve your virtual selling skills that you can use today!


1. Use Video Whenever Possible

Great salespeople know that the sales process leans heavily on the ability of a sales professional to build context, rapport, and connect with their audience. 


One issue sales teams experience with virtual selling is that virtual sales remove the nuance and context offered in face-to-face meetings. 

Here are some quick tips to make your virtual sales calls a success: 

  • Lighting: Place a bright light in front of you to help participants focus on your face throughout your presentation. There's nothing worse for your clients than having a poorly lit face on a virtual sales call. 

  • High-Quality Video: Make sure your video camera is a high definition so people can capture non-verbal cues throughout your video call. 

  • Use A Clear Microphone: An essential aspect of virtual selling that is overlooked is the importance of clear audio.

Video conferencing and video sales calls can help bridge this gap because salespeople can communicate non-verbal cues through body language to create a personal connection. 


Plus, great virtual selling platforms offer various tools like real-time sharing or note-taking that help sales teams provide education and insight for their prospects. 


2. Choose The Right Video Conferencing Software

There are many choices on the market, but you need to choose the best remote selling tools and stick with them. The tool you choose should offer a host of benefits for the sales organization and make it easy for your clients to connect with you. 


Not only will you and your team become more accustomed to the tool, but maintaining the same tool will support your sales strategy with a consistent experience for your customers. 


Be sure to consult with the product's sales team and read up on "how-to" articles to ensure your team utilizes the software in the best way possible.


3. Make Sure Everyone Can Hear You

A sales presentation depends on the ability of your customers to hear and communicate with you. A virtual sales call can be disrupted if the audio quality of a video conferencing event impacts the message that's being shared. 


Be sure to choose a video conferencing software that indicates when microphones are muted, a party has a weak connection, or a participant experiences an audio issue. This can help streamline the sales process and reduce other complications throughout the sales call. 


4. Set Your Video Up For Success

As discussed above, video conferencing is one of the best sales strategies you can use for virtual selling. While you should use a high-definition camera, you should also make sure your camera is set at eye level to you. 


Placing your camera at your eye level will make your audience feel like they are in the room with you instead of looking down or up at you in an unnatural position. All of this helps create a more trusting environment and will help you build rapport with your clients


5. Set Your Sales Goals

Sales reps know that not all virtual meetings are the same, nor do they carry the same goals. Some sales meetings are focused on prospecting and research gathering, while others are focused on an introduction with the client. 


Think about the goals of your sales meeting so you can judge the effectiveness of your call during your follow-up and internal goal reviews.


Bring Virtual Selling Success To Your Business Today!

Virtual sales are here to stay. It's time for your team to get on board and find out how you can implement virtual meetings into the mix of your other marketing efforts. You don't have to go it alone, either! 


If you're looking for a partner in digital transformation, contact us today so we can help take care of all your online needs while still providing personalized service clients will love.


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