CTAS 2022 (15)

Virtual & Hybrid Presenter Best Practices

Virtual event speaking engagements are wildly different from speaking on stage during a live event. Even the most seasoned event speakers need to adjust their approach to capture the audience’s attention.

To make your audience feel as invested as they do during in-person events, your speaker will need to find creative ways to keep them entertained and engaged. You also want to make sure you limit the number of potential distractions and interruptions from your environment when presenting from your home or office.

This free download includes tips for the following types of virtual and hybrid events:

  • Audio Only
  • Webinar Without Webcam
  • Webinar With Webcam

You will find a checklist of items in the following categories:

  • Eliminate Technical Difficulties
  • Eliminate Interruptions
  • Prepare Your Space
  • Prepare Your Materials
  • Speaker Best Practices
  • Equipment
  • Troubleshooting

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