How A Hybrid Event Can Increase Demand For Your Brand

Posted by Sophia Duplin

Improve Your Demand Generation Strategy By Hosting A Successful Virtual Event 

No matter what industry you are in, it’s impossible to succeed without a consumer demand for your product or service. 


To increase demand for your brand, successful marketers like you need to use the best demand generation solutions to draw in potential customers and drive impressive results. 


Hosting an online event, like a virtual summit or hybrid event, is a great way to reap the benefits of demand generation, such as enhanced networking opportunities, increased value, and ROI, as well as expanded brand awareness. 


Hybrid events offer the most potential for generating leads and increasing demand in your company because attendees face fewer attendance barriers. They can view your event in person, online, or typically watch and share the recording on-demand. 


But what is demand generation, and how can hosting hybrid events help this marketing strategy? Let’s take a look at how you can leverage hybrid events to increase demand for your brand. 


Brand Building on the Mechanism of Metal Cogwheels.

What Is Demand Generation? 

Demand generation involves taking steps to increase awareness and build excitement around your product, service, or brand, 

This process is branding-focused, which sets it apart from lead generation, which is more customer-centric. 

Demand generation gives you the ability to support your marketing efforts. 

  • Generate Buzz 

  • Promote New Product Features 

  • Drum Up PR 

  • Re-Engage Existing Customers 

  • Build A Base Of Loyal Customers 

When you create a demand generation marketing strategy for your company, virtual and hybrid events should be your priority. 


Take a look at five different ways hybrid events improve your demand generation strategy. 


4 Ways Hybrid Events Can Increase Demand For Your Company

Hybrid events offer an all-access pass to your brand. 


Because they involve offering live sessions in conjunction with an online event, you gain access to a new audience who may not be able to travel to your live event. 


Here are four ways hybrid events play into your demand generation growth strategy and reach your target audience. 


1. Virtual Conference Components Offer Increased Brand Exposure 

When you host in-person events in real-time, your attendance numbers are limited by the physical constraints of your venue and the number of staff members available to facilitate the event. 


Hybrid events allow attendees to choose where they attend the live event or join virtually. This will ultimately lead to increased attendance numbers and lower no-show rates. It also allows you to extend your brand reach to thousands of attendees and potential leads across the globe. 


The best part is that the virtual components can be viewed in real-time or on-demand afterward once you post the recording to your media library. This drives attendance numbers even more and improves your demand generation strategy reach. 


2. Hybrid Events Offer Professional Networking Opportunities

A hybrid online summit allows companies to connect with all sorts of potential customers, influencers, and industry thought leaders to drive company interest and facilitate networking between them. 


Networking helps you to build brand awareness with customers and potential partners. Offer sponsorships to multiple companies to build relationships with event sponsors. 


Invite attendees to follow your social media pages to stay in touch with your brand and build demand around your product or service. 


This will allow you to build your business while positioning yourself as an expert in the industry, which will attract attention and opportunities. 


3. Generate An Email List From The Online Event To Increase Brand Outreach

Email marketing is a great way to keep your target audience in the loop regarding new developments within your brand. 


Include an option on your hybrid event registration page that allows attendees to opt-in to your email list. This will enable you to improve your email marketing strategy by curating a list of potential leads that can improve your conversion rate. 


Email lists also allow you to follow up after the hybrid event easily, offer special pricing on future online conferences, or provide a limited-time offer on valuable content. 


This will keep your brand in the mind of your target audience and increase the likelihood that they will attend another event and convert.


4. Offer Increased Sponsorship Value And ROI 

Business owners know that there has to be value for sponsors and a guaranteed return on investment, or ROI, or all stakeholders for an online conference to be successful. 


Hybrid events will increase demand for your brand because you can repurpose them to reach different audiences. 


Hybrid event landing pages are a great place to promote your sponsor and place their logos and links to sales pages, which increases value for your sponsors. 


The event also can continue past the end time because your hybrid event software can record and offer the replays on-demand, meaning attendees can share essential collateral they found during your event with their CEO. 


You can increase the event's ROI by creating more interest around your hybrid event by offering an all-access pass to exclusive content, like podcasts and critical industry insight from thought leaders and event keynotes. 


Use Hybrid Events To See Real Results In Brand Exposure 

Hybrid events are one of the most powerful tools for your brand’s demand generation strategy. 


They offer an opportunity for your leads to come to you rather than you chasing them. Nurture your leads with hybrid events and watch your demand generation increase along with your conversion rate. 


When you are ready to host your own virtual summit with a hybrid twist, contact BeaconLive for expert advice and high-quality hybrid event software. Our professional team will help you produce and execute a fully managed hybrid event. 


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