Creating Kick-Ass Registration Pages (With Examples)

Posted by Sophia Duplin

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Tips for Creating Kick-Ass Registration Pages: 

  1.  Less is More

  2.  Use Design Platforms like Canva for Aesthetic Appeal

  3.  Make Sure to Add Critical Information

  4.  Add Sign ups for Reminders & Calendar Invites

  5.  Sign Ups for Email Notifications

  6.  Use Color Contrast to Highlight Key Information & CTAs

  7.  Use Early Bird Promotions

  8.  Provide Information about the Value-Added Experience

  9.  Include a Summary of Agenda & Event Features

  10.  Provide Registrations for Breakout Sessions

  11.  Include Promotions


Although Virtual Events have many technical differences than in-person events, one thing remains pretty similar: getting people to sign up is one of the most important parts. 


If you are looking to improve metrics of your registration landing pages, like: bounce rate, visibility, and conversion rate, you’ve come to the right place. Below we’ve outlined some tips for creating a kick-ass registration page and have attached some examples for your reference. 


Less is More

Internet users are bombarded with messages, pop-ups, colors, and multimedia all day long. Our brains have learned to ignore much of the unnecessary distractions that pop up on our screens. Give your registrants ease of experience by providing them with minimalist, straightforward messaging and aesthetic. Don’t bombard their screen with an over use of information, but instead make your landing page a relaxing, joyful and sophisticated experience. 


Screenshot of Think In Color Brand


Use Design Platforms like Canva for Aesthetic Appeal

You will want your registration page to be aesthetically pleasing, captivating and match the branding of your organization. It is great to get started on a free-form design tool like Canva so that you can play around with wording, images, colors and spacing of the information and multimedia. You will have to work with your web developer or website platform to actually implement designs onto a landing page, but using a tool like Canva is a great way to get started with your design ideas.  


Screenshot of Canva platform


Make Sure to Add Critical Information

Although this may seem like a given, it is still important to point out that you need to include the who, what, when & how of your Virtual Event. Ensure that your virtual attendees have clear instruction on the logistics of attending the event. Will your event be paid or free? How will attendees log in? What time zone is your event in? Will it be recorded for later OnDemand viewing?


Screenshot of customized Virtual Event Registration Page



Add Sign ups for Reminders & Calendar Invites

Make the electronic experience as seamless and integrated as possible. Reduce the manual labor on their end to remember the event and find out additional information. Use their email to automatically sign them up for email reminders about the event. We recommend emailing them immediately upon signing up, a week before, a day before and the day of. (Download our Webinar Promotion Checklist for more guidelines) Also providing links to calendar invites will make sure your attendees have time blocked off and plan their schedules strategically around the time of your event. 


Screenshot of customized Virtual Event Registration Page


Sign Ups for Email Notifications

Gathering attendee data is a great time to make use of those contact conversions. Add checkboxes under contact data submissions and ask them if they’d like to subscribe to your blog, newsletter or special offers & announcements from your team. 


Use Color Contrast to Highlight Key Information & CTAs

Using color contrast is a great visual tactic to getting your potential attendees to click on CTAs. Using a bright color that is opposite on the color wheel from the rest of the theme colors will draw attention towards the action that you are trying to have your attendees take - and in this case that is signing up for the event. 


Screenshot of customized Virtual Event Registration Page


Use Early Bird Promotions

There is a reason why most events, live or virtual, will have some sort of promotions for signing up early - early bird specials work! This plays into the psychology of the attendee - making them feel like they will be missing out if they don’t act fast. Offer them a pretty good deal - one that makes it hard to not sign up. Consider putting a countdown on the registration page for when the deal is over. 


Screenshot of customized Virtual Event Registration Page



Provide Information About the Value-Added Experience

You want your potential attendees to know why it is so important that they sign up for this event. Provide a brief description of the value-add they will get from participating in this event. Consider highlighting some keynote speakers they can look forward to. Provide impact metrics and testimonials of past events from your team. 


Screenshot of customized Virtual Event Registration Page



Include a Summary of Agenda & Event Features

Will your event include live polling? Q&A with keynote speakers? Breakout sessions? Interactive chatrooms? Time for networking? Let people understand the time commitment and engagement expectations you have for them upon registering for the event. This will allow them to be more prepared for those interactive experiences - they will have time to think about questions, conversation topics and even do some research on the people they might want to engage with who are also attending the event. 


Screenshot of customized Virtual Event Registration Page



Provide Registrations for Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions can be configured in several different ways. Sometimes, virtual event planners will randomize breakout sessions the day of the event, sometimes attendees will choose their different breakout sessions during the event and sometimes attendees will be able to pre-register for which tracks and breakout sessions they want to participate in upon event registration. If you are configuring your event with the latter in mind, you will want to have brief summaries on the different sessions and sign-up options on registration pages. If you want to learn more about Breakout Sessions, read our blog here (connect link to defining breakout sessions blog)


Screenshot of customized Virtual Event Registration Page


Screenshot of customized Virtual Event Registration Page



Include Promotions

Including promotions is a go-to way of getting people to sign up - and sign up early - for your virtual event. Promotions can include discounted tickets, direct access to keynote speakers, free trials of your product, etc. You can provide giveaways and promotions to people for signing up early or getting their friends, piers, coworkers to also sign up. (Including a “share invite with a friend” link isn’t a bad idea!)


Screenshot of customized Virtual Event Registration Page



If you follow these tips, you are bound to improve metrics on the efficacy of your registration landing pages. If you are looking for a full-service tech platform and virtual event service provider to help build custom registration pages and execute events, reach out to BeaconLive


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