How to Promote your Webinar with a Video Teaser Clip

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You’re always looking for ways to promote an upcoming webinar You want your attendees to get excited about the webinar, and more importantly, SHARE the event with their coworkers.  Simply sending an email saying ’hey, I’m planning to attend this webinar, you should too!’ doesn't work anymore.


7 Pro Tips To Look For Promoting Your Trailer:

  1. Consider Your Objective
  2. Create a Template 
  3. Create a Unified Message
  4. Create Excitement
  5. Include CTA
  6. Create a Series
  7. Distribution


So what do you get excited about?  That new blockbuster coming out next month looks pretty cool.  Consider what makes the movie trailer appeal to you - is it the movie itself, or is it the fast-paced music, short action clips, and flashy graphics? 


You may not have Tom Cruise or Angelina Jolie starring in your webinar production, but you do have some really great and relevant (not to mention, suitable for work) content to share. So try it out.

Free Download: Webinar Promotion Checklist


1. Consider Your Objective.  

This should be simple, promote your webinar to a targeted audience.  Make sure your trailer is inline with your organization’s branding. 


2. Create a Template

Create a template of the trailer with images and dramatic music before you write out your script for the voiceover.  This may seem counterintuitive, but it’s easier to write a script that matches a background than visa versa.  


3. Create a Unified Message

Create a unified message to deliver in the trailer.  Are you promoting one single event, or a series of events?  Keep in mind you can only deliver one concise message in a short segment of time (30, 60 or 90 seconds), not multiple messages.


4. Create Excitement

Your webinar is about educating the audience, and the trailer is about creating intrigue and interest to GAIN that audience.  Leave your viewers wanting more!


5. Include a Call to Action

Provide a short link to the registration page to signup for the event.  Consider adding a promo code to encourage the viewer to sign up early (this also allows you to track how well the trailer works.)


6. Create a Series

Consider creating a series of trailers, delivering more information the closer you get to the live event.


7. Distribution

Distribute your trailer everywhere you would promote your event.    

    • On your website (on multiple pages, not just the homepage.  You never know how people are reaching your site, and you don't want them to miss the trailer.)
    • Add it to your web-room before or after another webinar by the same presenter or from your company.  After all, we all expect previews before a movie.
    • Social Media.  Trailers and videos (especially if done well) are the type of things people share on social sites.  If the social site does not allow you at add a video link, create a screen shot of the video and include it with a link to where the video will play.)


      Need Inspiration?

      Check out this example of a video trailer promoting the book, 1177 B C: The Year Civilization Collapsed by Eric H. Cline


      Don't forget to let us know how your webinar trailer turns out or share examples of how preview trailers work for other pieces of content.  Share it with us on twitter or facebook

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