5 Attributes CLE Providers Need in a Content Delivery Platform

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Content Delivery Platform AttributesFor the new generation of lawyers, traditional forms of learning are becoming obsolete as common practices—such as turning to law digests and lectures for new knowledge and information—are being replaced with online learning programs and webinars.


However, legal professionals have plenty of choices and sources to accomplish the completion of their mandatory CLE credits, so it's important for providers to acknowledge and explain the benefits of their program over others.


In a recent study, attorneys were asked about the leading factors for choosing a CLE program. Results show that more often than not, attorneys will choose to attend a CLE program that's relevant over one that's free or local. Tap into your audience's commitment to learning by building an effective program that they will choose every time. Here's what your content delivery platform will need:

1. Interactive Content

CLE providers should consider the use of interactive content, such as apps, assessments, calculators, configurators, and quizzes – which generate conversions moderately or very well 70% of the time (source: Ion Interactive). Taking a quiz and then being driven to another piece of content that seems like a relevant and natural next step is an effective tactic, especially since it’ll feel organic to the user. 


2. Robust and Dynamic Tools

The best tools are robust and dynamic, yet intuitive enough to control. In the legal realm, for example, bar associations and law firms can benefit from creating OnDemand libraries that learn from end-users’ viewing habits and then make smart recommendations on other webinars and blogs that might be of interest.

3. Mobile-Friendly

Prepare for 1/3 of your audience to come from mobile. Attendees who can't access your webinar presentation from their mobile devices will give up on you in 5 seconds or less after the presentation has started. Therefore, optimizing your webinar platform for mobile viewing is an absolute must.  

4. Personalize The Experience

eLearning may physically distance the student from the teacher/speaker, but that doesn't mean the experience shouldn't feel personalized. Many organizations are realizing the benefits of providing a tailored experience to their attendees, and consequently, they're opting to partner with eLearning providers who can help them deliver a more personalized and customized experience. This can manifest in many ways; for instance, the ability to create a profile or account where your credits, viewing preferences, and requirements are tracked and easily accessible adds a more personal touch to a CLE provider's content delivery platform.

5. Offer a Video Content Library

Give your audience the opportunity to access all of your video content without any particular order; it's the best option for the individual looking for a specific theme or topic and people will come back for more. 

For attorneys who want to continue their legal education, working with an up-to-date CLE provider is of the utmost importance. And, of course, providers can showcase their modernized techniques through the use of an interactive digital content delivery platform.


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