16 Pieces of Content That Can Be Derived From Your Webinar

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Continually developing new content is a daunting task, especially when you learn that people have different preferences on how to consume your content.  We recently created a list of 16 different ways to repurpose your webinar content for future, and new ways to share your subject matter.  

Pre Event Content to promote your upcoming webinar

  • Pre Event Infographic
    Tease the audience with stats, mention key items that will be discussed during the webinar.
    Don’t forget to include a call-to-action (register now!)

  • Pre Event Video Promo
    Try creating a movie trailer style video promo/commercial for the webinar.  Place the video clip on social media channels, your website and before or after a previous webinar.

  • Pre Event Memes
    Create a few snapshots of the slide deck, a graphed out statistic or an eye catching phrase to promote your webinar on social media.  

  • Pre Event presenter Blog
    Write a blog about your presenter, introducing them and their credentials to the audience.  Promote any blogs or articles they have written in the past and share their social media links. 

Post Event Content to promote your OnDemand webinar

  • Post Event Infographic
    Follow up the webinar with an infographic displaying the content statistics, numerical responses from the audiences survey/polls, or a step-by-step guide to follow a process introduced during the webinar.

  • OnDemand
    Place the recording of your webinar OnDemand for future viewings in a branded media library. 

  • Post Event Blog
    Write a blog highlighting the discussion, or answering the audience questions.

  • Create Video Snippets 
    Crop short clips of your presentation highlighting key points to host on social media.

  • Presenter Blog
    Have your presenter write a follow up blog providing sources, further reading lists, and elaborating on subjects.

  • E-Book
    Create an E-Book discussing the content delivered during the webinar.

  • Repurpose your slides
    Many attendees request to view the slide deck after the presentation to review or take notes.  Share your slides on SlideShare to draw more people to your OnDemand event.  

  • Attendee Testimonials
    Collect Attendees comments the evaluation and email them to those who could not attend the live event.  Write a blog, or create memes to promote future viewings of the webinar.

  • Prepare a Post-Event Exam
    Create an exam for the event to deliver to prospective attendees.  Ask questions that would be answered in the event, and suggest they attend the event to learn the answers.

  • Replay your webinar
    Once your event is delivered, rebroadcast it to a live audience, then join for another live Q&A. This allows fresh questions to be asked, and new analytics for the same event.

  • Interview
    Interview the presenter on video or as a written article.  Ask them their thoughts on the topic, how they became a subject matter expert and where they believe the industry is going.

  • Create a Links Page
    Create a resource of links to show examples of how an idea presented in the webinar is used outside of the webinar.  You can share Case Studies, blogs, articles, and more.

What other ways do you prefer to share your content?  

5 Ways to Deliver Your Content


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What makes a good webinar?

To make your webinar successful and informative to the audience, narrow down what will be discussed in it. You also need a good webinar topic to help your audience understand what your presentation is about and help you connect with your audience.

What is webinar registration?

When you're planning to run a webinar, it's important that the attendees have time and place reserved. This way they can be sure of not missing anything during their sessions with you! To make sure everyone has what they need before joining in on any activities or discussions.

How long should a webinar last?

The webinar is a time-saving and cost-effective way to communicate your message. With the majority lasting 60 minutes.