10 Slide Decks We Love

Slide decks we love At BeaconLive, we’re surrounded by slide decks all day while attending and delivering webinars.  They’re a great alternative for visual learners who are tired of long reports and white papers for learning new information.  When a slide deck is well thought out, it can tell a great story with a simple design, making the learning process that much more enjoyable.   


Below the list of slides we love, we created a quick checklist of what you can learn from these slides, for creating your next webinar slide deck.  So, without further adieu,


10 Slide Decks That We Are Loving Right Now

1. 5 Steps to building a CUSTOMER-CENTRIC company

The designers of this deck did a nice job of introducing company case studies in a nice cohesive manner.  One of our favorite things about the presentation are the call-out buttons to download checklists.  5 Steps to building a customer-centric company

2. HubSpot’s Culture Code

Of course we couldn’t create a list of our favorite slide decks without including one from Hubspot; the only problem was choosing one from their arsenal of educational and entertaining decks.  We finally decided upon the HubSpot Culture Code slide deck, not because of its popularity, but because of its simplicity.  And while the deck is a little on the long slide (135 slides), it really tells a story worth its weight.  HubSpot’s Culture Code

3. How to Create SlideShares that Convert

This is a nicely designed slide deck that uses its color pallet and theme consistently, and not annoyingly, throughout the presentation.  Plus, we feel that it’s important for you to learn how to share your webinar slide deck into SlideShare to further the reach of your content.  How to Create SlideShares that Convert


4. 9 Marketing Strategies we can learn from Disney Princesses

In the professional world, there are few times when you can indulge in the nostalgia of your youth.  While stretching the metaphors a little too far, this slide deck does take general common ideas and relates them to business strategies.  If you’re having a hankering for some chocolate milk while learning about buffing up on your marketing strategies, then this may be the perfect slide deck for you. 9 Marketing Strategies we can learn from Disney Princesses

5. How Google Glass will change Healthcare 

I mean, come on!  Who doesn't want to learn more about Google Glass?  This short slide deck sheds light on the new technology by telling you how different practices in healthcare can use Google Glass.  This slide deck will take you 4 minutes to look over, filling you with 15 new conversation pieces at the next cocktail party.  How Google Glass will change Healthcare 

6. 21 Hacks for Self Confidence

A picture may say a thousand words, but these 22 slides provide you with a new outlook on yourself.  There are approximately 130 words in this slide deck, but it tells a story through important statements.  21 Hacks for Self Confidence

7. Bringing Sexy Back

How a Story can Enhance your Data and Client Relationships. Ok, perhaps this slide deck doesn't tell the story without the background narration (which was the basis of us choosing this group of slide decks), but it has a great theme that is carried throughout the presentation.  This presentation stays relevant and the presentation delivery is clean.  Bonus points, it has Justin Timberlake in many of the slides.  Bringing Sexy Back.

8. 10 Business Lessons from Orange is the New Black

This business themed slide deck is great because it tells the story without a necessary narrative.  It’s also relevant to people who might not watch the show.  10 Business Lessons from Orange is the New Black

9. 5 Killer ways to design the same slide

This slide deck is awesome because not only does it teach you something about a topic you are likely to know absolutely NOTHING about, but it teaches you different ways to look at how you layout your content.  In this slide deck, you will find 5 ways to design the same slide. 5 Killer ways to design the same slide

10. How Google Works

Can you even fathom that someone could attempt to create a presentation containing the inner workings of the most complicated business (and idea) in only 54 slides?  Well, of course, if anyone can do it, Google can; and they did.  We love this slide deck because it makes up feel like we understand Google a little better.  Plus, the hand-drawn cover and images drew our attention when skimming pages and pages of slide decks.  How Google Works


You Can Learn from These Slides: 

1. KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid

The cleaner simple slides work best for all presentations. Use your slides as an aide for the story you’re telling – don't tell your webinar story on the slides.

2. Find a relevant theme and stick to it

Whether that be a recent trend in the news, or a popular TV show, try tying your event content back to that theme – but don't force it. 

3. When in doubt, Check out Slideshare for INSPIRATIONAL ideas

Don't deliver a webinar that's not visually engaging.

4. Don't try to fit 30 ideas into 10 slides

During a webinar, you should be flipping your slides at least every minute to keep the audience engaged. 

5. Provide an Agenda

Provide the webinar audience with an idea of what you will present (an agenda) and include transition slides when you move onto a new topic. These title/transition slides are also a good time for doing a survey of the webinar audience. 



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What is a webinar slide deck important?

A good slide deck will make you shine as a speaker and keep the audience hooked on every word. It could be what makes or breaks whether people want to stay around for your pitch at the end, instead of leaving halfway through when they lose interest throughout the presentation.

How long should my webinar slide deck be?

You should build your webinar slide deck based on the needs of your audience and your presentations. However, most slide decks should only be 10-15 slides long, with an additional 5-7 slides for instructions and interactive elements.

What makes a great webinar?

To make your webinar effective and engaging for attendees, you should narrow down the topic to something that will be informative. For example, if I wanted a general overview of content marketing it would just be too broad. Instead, try picking one specific area like visual assets or blog posts rather than discussing all types of digital distribution in this particular session.