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What Is Inside This Comprehensive Guide?

Having trouble engaging your eLearners? Looking for new ways to create captivating content, improve interaction, and ensure an effective eLearning delivery experience?

Inside this comprehensive guide are one hundred tips that will take you from research and planning before your event to polling and community-building after your event. These steps include: 

  • Preparing your content
  • Promoting your content
  • Delivering your content for Live audiences
  • Delivering your content for OnDemand audiences
  • Presenter best practices
  • Live polling
  • Utilizing your tech platform's capabilities
  • Creating community

We hope this list of eLearning Delivery Best Practices helps you to improve your Virtual Learning, Continuing Education, and Professional Development delivery experience. Reach out to us at BeaconLive today to learn how you can streamline and automate your content delivery.

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