5 Public Speaking Tips for Webinar Presentations

Posted by: The BeaconLive Marketing Team

beaconlive_public-speakingDelivering a webinar presentation soon? It’s ok to be nervous. Some studies say we fear public speaking more than anything else -even death! Although webinars can help ease some of the anxiety by taking the audience (physically) out of the room - and into a virtual setting - you still have to deal with the fact that there's an audience tuned in for an hour to listen to you.

Since picturing your audience in their underwear doesn’t really work in this scenario (you can’t even see them) here are 5 webinar presentation tips you can use to get past your public speaking fears. 


1. Practice by Recording & Listening

Record yourself delivering your entire webinar presentation (before the real deal) and listen to the full recording, take notes, and makes changes to your script as needed. Knowing what you sound like on the other end will give you a better idea of what needs tweaking before the live presentation.


2. Practice Pronunciation

Practice your pronunciation, especially with the hard words. Sometimes our anxiety can build up during a presentation when we know there’s a hard word or section approaching, so nailing the hard parts prior to the day will help take some of the edge off. Never leave anything up to luck.


3. Choose a Healthy Pace

Choose a ‘healthy’ pace and stick to it. You don’t want to speak too slow and sound boring but you also shouldn’t rush through your entire presentation. Not only will people have a hard time understanding you but you might even finish too early. Be aware of your pace while listening to your recording (see step 1) and adjust to a proper speed.


4. Practice With a Friend

Deliver the presentation to a family member or friend prior to the event and ask for their feedback. They might have a suggestion or two or they might say, “it's perfect!” and that could be enough to help you turn that fear into excitement.


If all else fails, record your presentation prior to the event and submit the recording to your event producer or moderator to play during the live event. You can always join the webinar at the end of your presentation for the live Q&A session. No one will ever know (except for your moderator but he/she won’t judge you. We promise). 


Take advantage of the flexibility webinars provide and use it to conquer your fears. Technology is supposed to make our lives easier after all. However, make sure you have a back up plan, like a moderator or event producer, for when technology fails. Knowing you have a sidekick at the ready is the most effective way of conquering your public speaking fears. 


Looking for More Tips? We've put together a comprehensive Presenter Best Practices for Webinars & Virtual Content Delivery.


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How do I deliver a webinar presentation?

Delivering a speech during a webinar is much like delivering one in-person, except you will want to utilize interactive features such as chatrooms, live polling and breakout sessions. 

Keep your presentation direct and on topic, don't exceed 60 minutes and always leave time for a Q&A session. 

How much time should I leave for Q&A at the end of a webinar presentation?

The Event Specialists at Beaconlive recommend planning a single session webinar for 30-60 minutes, with allotting at least 10 minutes at the end for Q&A. 


How do I engage with my audience when delivering a webinar presentation?

There are several interactive features that you can utilize during your webinar presentation to both connect with your audience members as well as keep them engaged. These include chatrooms, live polling, breakout rooms and roundtable networking