How to Design, Develop, and Execute a Successful Webinar:

Exploring the Available Technologies

Discover the power of webinars to present, educate and deliver information to your audience.

This course will discuss the main components of webinar design and execution including advertising, processing registration, follow up emails and recording the webinar. We will explore the multiple online tools and technologies available to setup a webinar including "self serve" webinars and "all-inclusive" webinar options. A comparison will be made between the different platforms available that will allow you to determine which platform best suits your needs.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover the power of webinars to deliver education such as CME programs to your audience
  • Understand the main components of webinar design and execution
  • List the multiple online tools available to conduct webinars and identify their benefits
  • Understand the differences between conference tools and webcasting platforms



vakil-BeaconHCRuwaida Vakil, MS, is a freelance medical writer, communications specialist and owner of ProMed Write, LLC. Ruwaida is also the current secretary for the American Medical Writers Association Delaware Valley Chapter (AMWA-DVC). She specializes in webinars, CME needs analyses, online articles, slide presentations and more. Ruwaida earned her Master of Science in immunology at the University of Toronto and the Ontario Cancer Institute. She worked as a research scientist at the Ontario Cancer Institute, Connaught Laboratories (now Aventis Pasteur) and Hoffmann La Roche. Ruwaida transitioned into medical communications over 12 years ago. Ruwaida currently runs her own freelance medical writing business called ProMed Write LLC. Ruwaida has moderated several roundtable discussions at the AMWA-DVC freelance workshops as well as given training presentations to global publication leaders in the pharmaceutical industry. She will be giving a presentation on the power of webinars for medical communicators at the American Medical Writers Association National Meeting later this year.



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