The Future of Event Tech & Virtual Event Technology

Posted by Sophia Duplin



The Landscape of Event Technology is changing rapidly. Increased attention to and reliance on Virtual and Hybrid Events in 2020 has fueled innovation and investment dollars into improving this industry and its pillar technologies. 


As the Event Manager Blog told us, “Virtual Event platforms harnessed more investor attention in four months than traditional event tech has in many years.”


Through our research, these are some of the key aspects of Virtual Event technologies that we expect to see take precedence in the future of the event-tech industry:



No two events are the same. So why would your Virtual Event Provider give you a one-size-fits-all solution? Those looking to host events will likely be migrating towards working with Technology Providers that can offer a variety of solutions to meet their needs. Increased customization for branding opportunities, product features and event layouts will be expected to tailor to the needs of each event. 


Partners Over Products

Organizations who are used to producing several events per year will likely be searching for a Virtual Event provider that can offer more than just a digital DIY Event solution. Event hosts, sponsors and producers will want access to real-time customer support and technology management staff to ensure the seamless production and delivery of each event - especially when large budgets and brand reputations are on the line. 


End-To-End Platforms

The reason one would choose to go virtual or hybrid (especially in a post-Covid world), is to make producing events easier and more efficient. Having to deal with multiple platforms to produce an event sounds like a headache - especially when it requires learning and training teams on multiple different softwares. End-To-End platforms will rule the industry - providing ease of use and seamless production to its clients. 


Visionary Thinking

If we know one thing about humans and their screens, it’s that we have an increasingly shrinking attention span. Virtual Event producers will have to think creatively about how to engage audiences and technology providers will need to innovate product features to meet those needs. As Event Industry News said, “Success lies in the engagement of your audience and constant re-evaluation of how to increase this engagement.”


Value-Added Experiences

Attendees will likely encounter some “Virtual Event fatigue” if the industry becomes as large as projections are showing. If they are expected to attend more Virtual Events than ever before, due to accessibility and convenience, producers and providers will want to make sure they are offering value-added components to keep registrations high and audiences engaged. Value-added components can come in the form of Continuing Education and Certificates. Offering your audience members a tangible takeaway in the form of accreditation is a great way to keep them signing up for your events and actively participating in events (and don’t forget the free advertising you’ll receive when they post that certificate on LinkedIn).


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