The 4 Best Kept Secrets to Delivering Effective Sales Webinars

Posted by: Leidy Restrepo

The Secrets to Sales WebinarsThe best sales webinars satisfy our need for more knowledge without having a pushy "sales-feeling" at all. Webinars are, after all, a form of content for the customer to interact with and learn from. However, when delivered right, webinars can be the most effective tool for moving prospects through the sales funnel. Below, you can find our 4 best kept secrets for differentiating yourself from the competition and delivering effective sales webinars:

  • The first best kept secret may seem like an obvious fact; the key to success is preparation, preparation and more preparation. The reason why this is such a necessary "secret" to be included in this list is because it's the surest way to guarantee a succesful eventyet, it's the most overlooked. There is no more effective way to deliver a succesful webinar presentation than by covering all of your bases at least a week before the event. 
  • The next big secret reminds you that your main goal during the webinar is to retain your attendee's complete, uninterrupted attention. Doing so will ensure that they're not missing important points in your presentation and leaving the event with questions unanswered. One way to tackle this obstacle is keeping them engaged with live surveys and polls. While this requires you to stay agile, it provides an increase of more than 90% in active engagement. 
  • A simple yet powerful webinar best practice is the mastering the ability to deliver a presentation without reading off the script. It may seem like an obvious suggestion, but presenters often forget that although they are 'hiding' behind a computer screen, people can still detect when they're discussing the topic with you versus reading off of the slides. Scripts are okay, but they aren’t as effective as a sales person who knows how to make the audience feel like they are having a natural conversation. 
  • Lastly, its really important that no matter what approach you take, you always focus on what really matters to your audience. Don't bore your attendees with painstaking detailsget right down to the good stuff! Presenters often want to create some kind of 'build up' to the big moment where all the information and knowledge people want is revealed... but guess what? You're audience is not going to be there for it if you take too long! Think about what your prospects really want to learn and cut to the chase. 

Delivering a sales webinar presentation doesn't have to be rocket science. In fact, the reason why presentations often fail is because presenters too often make a molehill into a mountain! You are far more likely to succeed if you don't try to accomplish a million things at once. Each webinar can have a different goal and purpose! Learn more webinar tips from our complimentary white paper below...

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