Litera CE Manager (Formerly Micron Systems) Partners with BeaconLive for Streamlined Workflows and Data Consistency

Posted by Sophia Duplin

October 15, 2021


Providing Continuing Legal Education programs in-house as well as for external clients presents a unique set of challenges for law firms.  Relying on disparate platforms to deliver and track legal content leads to inconsistencies in data, confusion, the need for manual data entry, and inefficiencies across the board.


The new integration between CE Manager and BeaconLive solves this problem – it streamlines workflows while dramatically reducing tedious administrative work. Legal content delivery in BeaconLive meets CLE compliance tracking in CE Manager.



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What is CE Manager?

CE Manager is the leading CLE compliance tracking software in the legal industry. Programmed with the CLE requirements for all U.S. jurisdictions, CE Manager tracks and calculates the CLE compliance of attorneys firm-wide, while keeping them informed on their CLE status with automated email reminders and compliance reports.


Developed with leading-edge, responsive design technology, the all-new CE Manager is a world-class Learning Management System for Technology Training and Staff Training, as well as for Attorney Development and CLE course scheduling and management. It's mobile-ready and designed for professionals who are on-the-go and working remotely in these unique times.


Here are some of the timesaving features CE Manager brings to law firms:

  • Precision CLE Compliance Tracking for all U.S. jurisdictions, as well as internationally

  • Sophisticated, Multiple Office Course Scheduling and Management

  • Automated Email Invitations, Reminders, CLE Compliance Reports, and Course Evaluation Requests

  • Custom Firm and Professional Development Branding on Emails and Invitations

  • Continual Rules Updates – Subject Matter Experts constantly monitor and update changes to CLE requirements in all relevant jurisdictions

  • E-Learning OnDemand for pre-recorded video programs as well as SCORM content, with Viewer Verifications and instant updates to each viewer’s CLE Compliance Report and/or Course History

  • Course Calendar with Self-Service Course Registration, Course Materials, Automated Wait-Listing Features and Seamless Outlook Integration

  • Attendance Sheets, automatically populated with the names of attendees and all relevant details

  • Course Certificates, automatically populated and stored electronically upon validation of attendance, as well as the capability of uploading Third Party Course Certificates

  • Advanced Learning Plans, to enable the firm to assign and monitor specific paths of study for attorneys

  • Interactive Online Course Evaluation Forms and related Statistics Reports

  • Comprehensive Real-Time Reporting

With its unique integration with BeaconLive, CE Manager will take CLE, Attorney Development, and Staff Training to a new level in your firm.




Who is BeaconLive?

BeaconLive is a full-featured Virtual Events and Continuing Education platform with a managed Event Services team. BeaconLive provides organizations with a one-stop shop to deliver customized Webinars, Virtual Events and Continuing Education solutions. Their Event Service experts act as an extension to your team, providing you with a professionally executed experience. Their completely configurable, white-label platform can facilitate multiple tracks and breakout rooms, Live and OnDemand content, closed captioning, eCommerce, roundtable networking and 150+ interactive features that the BeaconLive Event Services team will use to customize every solution for their clients.


BeaconLive combines their virtual events platform with their proprietary Learning Management System to seamlessly incorporate Continuing Education, Corporate Compliance and Certificates into any virtual or hybrid event experience. BeaconLive specializes in the CLE and legal marketing space and enables their customers to build out white-labeled catalogs, monetize and centralize all legal content and manage all the requirements set by accrediting bodies -- eliminating hours spent on administrative tasks.


From Legal Marketing Events



To Continuing Legal Education Webinars

Continuing legal education webinar


To a CLE Library for all Live and OnDemand Legal Content

Continuing legal education content library


The Integration Advantage between CE Manager and BeaconLive

The integration between the advanced CLE tracking capabilities of CE Manager and the content delivery and management systems of BeaconLive allows for an all-in-one process of delivering virtual events, tracking CLE accreditation status and, most importantly, providing one-time entry of data and data consistency across all teams, events and legal education credits.


Core Benefits:

  • One-time event entry for course details

  • Program delivery for your own attorneys and your clients

  • Up-to-date attendance records and accurate CLE reports

  • Certificate delivery and management

  • BeaconLive and CE Manager databases in sync


Case Study Example:

A law firm client of BeaconLive deals with CLE and legal content in three different departments:

  1. Marketing teams who deliver legal content to external clients

  2. Professional Development teams who develop, deliver, and manage CLE courses for their internal attorneys

  3. Human Resources teams who track CLE compliance status and required trainings for internal attorneys as well as evaluations and reviews of their partners


All three of these departments, like many other firms, use three different platforms for their specific needs. This creates inconsistent and non-integrated data, triples the manual processes, and is not conducive to a seamless and complete workflow. These teams are not able to collaborate and reuse content efficiently nor are they able to track data between each system.


With the integration between CE Manager and BeaconLive, all three of these departments are able to be on one streamlined platform with consistent data, with the ability to leverage legal content for both internal and external audiences in a collaborative and simple way.


Compliance status of their internal attorneys is tracked immediately in their CE Manager portal when taking a CLE course on BeaconLive’s platform. Firms and attorneys can see their compliance status change in real-time as they engage with content on BeaconLive’s platform.


Legal content can also easily be leveraged by the marketing team for external audiences. Different content catalogs are created for both the internal and the external audiences. These two separate catalogs can be managed for one-time entry of data on legal courses, with auto-population of data and information between the two.


Marketing teams can also use BeaconLive to produce and deliver their multi-day, multi-track events, and even include CLE accreditation when attendees participate in event sessions. All of the data on attendees and attorneys is automatically tracked in CE Manager.


From one-hour CLE webinars, to five-day marketing events, to CLE libraries and content catalogs -- all content delivery and data management is hosted in one comprehensive platform with the advanced integration of CE Manager and BeaconLive.


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