Legal Marketers: Who are your personas? Is your content for them?

Posted by: The BeaconLive Marketing Team

Everyone knows legal marketers are constantly looking for new clients to keep generating business, but not legal_marketer-1everyone understands how creating buyer personas and helpful content contributes to drawing these new users. They help you understand your audience so you can structure your webinars and virtual events around the information they actually need. It’s nearly impossible to create quality content for your clients when you don’t know who they are, so follow our 4 Steps to Creating Quality Content for Legal Marketers. 

1. Build A Buyer’s Persona

First of all, what is a buyer’s persona? Think of one as your ideal client or client group that you are trying to market toward. So, how do you create one? Think about what you are marketing. What kind of law is practiced at your law firm? Then, ask your clients the right questions by creating forms with information you need to create an accurate persona. Questions like age, occupation, reason for needing a lawyer, etc. Once you begin to get answers to these questions, you can begin to see who your client demographic is and start creating your content and virtual events for them.

2. Target Your Persona

Now that you have created your persona, you need to define who your clients are. Are they young, middle-class skilled labor employees looking for workers compensation for an injury or are they white-collar workers looking to resolve a dispute? Every persona has a different content need and you must market towards that need! If you have a wide range of demographics, group persona’s into smaller groups and host webinars for each individual group. This will give them better insight into what your firm does. 

3. Create Content

You have created a buyer persona, found your ideal client, and understand who they are and what they want. Now is the time to create your content based off of your personas. The content you create should solve the issues that your client needs resolved. If your ideal client is a lower-class labor worker looking for a workers compensation lawyer, then tell them how. Tell them how affordable your firm is and how you have easy payment plans. Keep them up to date with current changes in workers compensation lawsuits. Create webinars that will help educate your clients in the legal process. Keep them informed, but don’t bombard them with information they don’t need! Avoid creating content that is too general. This is why this was created, so you could understand who your clients are and how you can best serve them! 

4. Share The Content

Now comes the time to share the content you have created with the public. Host webinars to help educate clients and use blogs to help you be found on search engines. If you create the right content towards the right audience, then people will keep coming back and will keep recommending your services. Turn someone from a stranger to a promoter just by having the right content. Creating webinars that can be played OnDemand allow for clients to search old they may have missed, as well as share them to their networks. 

Now, that you have an understanding of buyer personas and creating the right content take a step back and ask yourself, “Do I know my buyer persona? Am I creating content for this specific persona or am I creating broad content?” If you feel like you are unsure about anything, take time to build a system for your buyer personas to help you focus on the information they need the most. Producing the right content for your personas will allow you to become a more reliable source for viewers and over time may lead to becoming an industry leader. The more you know about your clients the better marketing strategies you will be able to create.

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