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A cartoon character holds a price tag reading Price?We've long thought about, how can we show pricing transparency on our website (in a way that makes sense) while explaining all the possible cost scenarios? However, we've concluded that a service as customizable as ours needs proper representation; a human to guide you through all the product pricing details and variables that can influence the overall cost of your event. Especially considering that there's a lot more to our services than the technology behind them; we also provide you with a team of professionals to fully manage your event for you --lightening your workload while reducing the risk of error. One could even say that having such support and expertise at your fingertips is priceless.  


Not One Size Fits All 

As you (hopefully) know by now, BeaconLive's solutions go beyond webinar delivery; our platform covers a wide range of services within the continuing education industry (learn more about our various services here). 


Because there are so many options and capabilities, and because we don't believe that "one size fits all", we give you complete control to customize a plan that works for you. For this reason, our services are not delivered in bundled packages where you're forced to choose between Option A or Option B. Instead, we ask you what you need and provide only what you want. This way, you don't have to pay for features that you're never going to use in your web room.


Scenario 1

You're planning to deliver a webinar soon but your current virtual events provider doesn't have comprehensive registration capabilities.


Solution: BeaconLive can design and build your registration page, customized to your organization's specific needs, even if you're bound by contract to deliver your event with your current provider. We can simply manage the details they don't have the capacity for.


Our registration platform is comprehensive and fully customizable; your registration page can be branded to look like an extension of your website. Our platform also offers fully integrated eCommerce capabilities, including credit card processing, confirmation and reminder e-mails, and more.


Scenario 2

You're trying to coordinate a Continuing Education event but keep coming across several obstacles when finding a provider whose platform meets your industry's CE requirements.


Solution: BeaconLive's Continuing Education platform was designed to meet the requirements set by multiple accrediting providers. Our solution can verify participation, administer and grade final exams, provide certificates of completion, and much more. Choose the features you need according to your accrediting provider's requirements. Learn how we work with your industry here.


Scenario 3

You would like your live event recorded for future viewings on your website.


Solution: BeaconLive not only can record and edit your live event for future viewing, we can also host your recordings for playback directly from your own website so your audience never leaves your site. We also offer eCommerce capabilities so you can generate revenue every time someone wants to access your content. Learn more about OnDemand Playback here


There are hundreds of other scenarios we can think of that influence BeaconLive's pricing, but we won't overwhelm you with the possibilities. To discuss your event needs or to receive pricing information, contact BeaconLive today.



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