Customer Journey with BeaconLive

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BeaconLive is a software platform for Virtual & Hybrid Events and Exhibits, Webinars, Continuing Education, Certificates, Virtual Professional Development, and Media Libraries & Knowledge Bases. We are browser-based and can scale to any size. 



The Customer Journey with BeaconLive:

  1. Discovery calls with our sales teams

  2. Technical Demo with our Operations Team

  3. Customer Onboarding

  4. Customizing a Solution with your Event Planner

  5. Tech Runs

  6. Execute flawless Virtual Events and Content Production

  7. Build lasting relationships with our Account Manager


Not only does our technology have high capability and customization, we have a team of professionals that will fully manage your solution. Save yourself time, resources and headache by partnering with BeaconLive - a tech company built around people.  


But what does that mean? 


That means that we work with you - Every. Step. Of. The. Way. 


From initial conception of your event, to production, to execution, to OnDemand hosting and analytics - your partnership with BeaconLive will only expand, and you will find the relationship with your Account Manager will provide you with intangible value. 


Do you get frustrated learning a new software that was supposed to “make your life easier?”


Does your organization get depleted of employees and resources that can manage all of your tech platforms?


Do you find it annoying when you have a question or problem and have to go through call-center robots and unhelpful AI assistance?


Wouldn’t you rather just talk to a real-life human?


We agree. 


And that’s the BeaconLive advantage. 


Once you partner with us, we don’t leave you hanging-

We promise. 


The customer journey with BeaconLive 


1. Discovery Calls With Our Sales Team

When you begin your journey with BeaconLive, our sales team will be your initial point of contact. Our sales team will ask key questions that will uncover the type of solution you or your organization is searching for.  No two events are the same.


Remember - every solution with BeaconLive is completely tailored to the client’s needs, so our sales team does a great deal in getting to know you and the specific solution that would be most optimal for your organization. 


This part of the customer journey is a time for you to ask questions about our platform’s capabilities and get a feel for the relationship-oriented team we have at BeaconLive. 


Our sales team will make sure they have a firm idea of the feature-specific solution you are looking for before hosting a Demo. Our platform is very complex and has 150+ different product features, so we will want to make sure that the Demo is also tailored towards your specific interests. 


Our sales team does more than try to convince you of our platform, they are resources for you to learn about our software and understand what a relationship with BeaconLive looks like. And they definitely do not abandon you once you’ve moved further into the customer journey. Your sales contact will always be a resource for you to ask questions about your solution and expand your partnership with BeaconLive.

2. Technical Demo With Our Operations Team

Once our sales team has a good understanding of the feature-specific solution you are looking for, they will loop in our Operations team so that you can discuss more technical questions. They can show you in real-time how our platform works and can explain things as technical, or non-technical as you’d like.


You have two options when using BeaconLive’s platform:


DIY option - This do-it-yourself option means that we will train you on our platform and allow you to run events & content distribution at your own liberty and without the help of our event management team. Our Operations team can train you on the platform and we can begin a formal onboarding process where technical personnel from your organization will learn how to manage all event controls and operate our platform. A demo for this option will be focused on the back-end of the software so that your technical personnel understands how to set up and execute events and configure Continuing Education or Certificates and other more advanced features, if required.


DIFY, the Fully-Managed option - The majority of BeaconLive customers choose this option, as our event management and technical support staff are the biggest asset BeaconLive offers to our customers. A demo for our fully-managed services will focus more on the front-end of the software, how your event will look and feel, how features like breakout sessions will be executed, where and how we white-label your solution, etc. Our operations team can show you how different features will enhance your event and how reporting & analytics will be delivered to your team. They can show you how your content can be hosted on an OnDemand platform and configured for future monetization. They can also show you examples of past solutions we’ve created for customers so you can get a deeper understanding of the look and feel of BeaconLive’s tailored solutions. 


Remember, just like any BeaconLive solution, this product demo has been tailored for YOU. Take advantage of this time. Ask both specific and general questions. Our team is more than happy to discuss both laser focused technical questions as well as general product capabilities. 

3. Customer Onboarding

After you’ve talked to both our sales & operations teams, and have decided that the BeaconLive platform is right for you and your organization, you will be onboarded to understand the rest of your journey with BeaconLive. 


Our team will go over processes, offer you resources and provide you with contacts for you to reach out to at any time. 


We will onboard you to ensure you have a deep understanding of our platform and what a partnership with BeaconLive looks like. Our sales & operations teams will take the information they’ve so far gathered to provide you with the most relevant information, and ensure that your first event with BeaconLive is exactly what you had envisioned.


They will make sure you have a firm grasp not only on your specific solution, but the breadth of BeaconLive’s offerings. 


4. Customizing a Solution with your Event Planner

It’s now time to start implementing your feature-specific ideas into a tailored solution. You will be provided with an Event Planner that will be your main point of contact throughout the rest of your journey with BeaconLive. 


Our Event Planners are experts on the BeaconLive platform and can add any feature you’d like, design registration pages and web pages, schedule and organize event speakers, breakout sessions, configure tracking and reports as well as implement automated recording and content hosting for OnDemand access. 


Your Event Planner Will Tailor Your Solution to Exactly Your Needs With Some of Our 150+ Features:

  • Breakout sessions

  • Live polling

  • Customized registration pages

  • Chatrooms (public and private)

  • Certificate issuance

  • eCommerce

  • User tracking & analytics

  • Real-time audience tracking

  • OnDemand content

  • Recording & editing

  • Event controls

  • Listener counts

  • Automatic Mute

  • Q&A

  • Screen-share

  • Waiting rooms


...just to name a few. 


Your Event Planner will help you formulate the exact solution you have in mind - whether that includes live event production, or recorded media that is hosted on a proprietary Knowledge Base with user tracking and eLearning capabilities. 


Like everyone on the BeaconLive team, our Event Planners are relationship and detail oriented. They will want to make sure that your solution has all of the functionalities, design and organization that you are in search of, and they will want to work closely with you throughout this process. 


BeaconLive prides ourselves on good communication. Your Event Planners will be available and ready for you to contact at any time with ideas, comments and questions about your solution.  They will be an extension of YOUR team.


How Our Product Pricing Works

5. Tech Runs 

BeaconLive aims to execute absolutely flawless Events. We are able to execute the most professional events within the event tech space because our team puts emphasis on pre-event production and preparation. 


We want to have technical and visual features perfectly configured before showtime. That is why we conduct tech runs before all of our events. We will make sure that the solution has been properly designed and configured to your liking. Our Event support staff will ensure that all back-end technicalities will be working properly. 


We will run through the event timeline, practice with your event speakers, and show you how we will splice between speakers and event layouts. We will upload all media and play pre-recorded videos. We can send out practice polls and open up chat rooms for you to use and practice with. 


Especially for new customers, tech runs are extremely important so that you understand how the flow of a BeaconLive-produced event will go. 

6. Execute Flawless Virtual Events and Content Production With Our Moderators & Technical Support Staff

It’s showtime! Whether for live or pre-recorded events, our moderators and technical support staff will be your biggest asset when executing your virtual event or content production. 


Moderators will set the overall tone of the event and welcome audience members as well as explain to them how the events of the day will unfold. They will also be directing the back-end technical production of the event. They will mute audience members, play videos, switch presenter views, prepare slide-decks and organize breakout sessions. 


Our technical support staff will be monitoring the event for any technical difficulties. They will be responding to the technical chat and assisting attendees in any technical support they may need. 


Our moderators and technical support staff are there to manage attendees and event technicalities so that YOU can focus on:

  • Executing an impactful presentation

  • Engaging with attendees through video and chat rooms

  • Assessing feedback from live polls 

  • Actually enjoying (and not worrying about) your event!


No need to worry about mute buttons, screen-share, presenter layouts… the list goes on. At BeaconLive, we believe presenters and organizers of events should be focused on the event content itself and not be caught up in the technical headache of going virtual. 


Going Virtual is complicated; let us handle everything. 

...yes, everything. 

7. Build a Lasting Relationship With Our Account Managers

Working with BeaconLive is a partnership, and just like fine wine, it gets better with time. Your Event Planner will act as your dedicated Account Manager and will be a regular point of contact for you to continue to optimize your solution and strengthen your relationship with BeaconLive. 


Your Account Manager can always answer questions about our platform, product offerings and your specific solution. They can point you in the direction of people or resources that they feel might help you. 


If you become a BeaconLive customer, our team will always be available to you. 


We are BeaconLive after all, a tech company built around people


We won’t leave you hanging-

We promise. 


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