8 Effective Ways To Attract More Sponsors For Your Next Hybrid Event

Posted by Sophia Duplin
8 Effective Ways To Attract More Sponsors For Your Next Hybrid Event | BeaconLive

These Tips Will Help You Gain Sponsorships To Enhance Your Hybrid Event 

Event planners know how lucrative hybrid events can be. They allow your attendees to choose which method they access the event. Hybrid events also make your event planning efforts stretch further, as you can record the online event for future use. 


But hybrid events are somewhat new to the event industry, meaning potential sponsors may be nervous about purchasing an event sponsorship package because they are unsure of the value for their brand. 


To convince sponsors to participate in your hybrid event, you’ll need to get creative and find mutually beneficial ways to feature your event sponsors. 


Here are eight sponsorship ideas you can use to guarantee ROI for sponsors and attract more sponsorships to your upcoming hybrid event.  


How to attract sponsors


Eight Hybrid Event Sponsorship Ideas For Successful Event Organizers 

Hybrid events are a great sponsorship opportunity to build brand awareness and reach target audiences near and far. 


You just have to provide ample opportunities for sponsors to connect with event attendees. There are plenty of ways you can guarantee your event sponsors exposure and lead generation by taking a few simple steps. 


Take a look at eight different ways you can promise a solid return on investment to your hybrid event sponsors. 


1. Promote A Sponsorship Package With Digital Ad Space

Ad space is a massive draw for sponsors. It means you would display the sponsor’s logo or advertisements throughout your event. Typically, you’d offer physical ad space, such as program space or signage, to promote sponsors during live events.  


Because you are hosting a hybrid event, you have the bonus of offering both physical ad space and digital ad space, which is one of the most popular marketing tools in the modern world. 


Consider offering pop-up ads and sponsor banners within your hybrid event platform and registration page. 


They can be used to redirect event attendees to the sponsor’s website or desired landing page. This offers sponsors access to solid leads, which will improve conversion rates. 


2. Bring Sponsors Into The Event App

Event apps have gained quite a bit of momentum over the past few years. Because your attendees don’t need to be physically present to benefit from your event, event apps offer engagement opportunities to hold their attention. 


Promote sponsors on your event app by incorporating special sections, banners, and the sponsor’s logo. You can even link your sponsor’s brand identity by choosing specific colors and images that blend well with their marketing scheme. 


Attract main sponsors by offering to promote them through push notifications and reminders to join their sponsored sessions or snag a special offer.  


3. Plan Branded Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions are a great way to engage virtual attendees. Your hybrid event platform should have this feature and help you organize these small group meetings. 


Invite sponsors to host or support a breakout session. You can include sponsored content, ads, or entertainment. Another idea is to offer an informal chat that connects the sponsor to potential customers. 


Breakout rooms can also be converted into VIP branded sessions that offer special deals and free downloadable content to generate leads.  


4. Integrate Sponsors Into Your Social Media Marketing

Social media channels are a great place to promote your upcoming hybrid event because it offers you incredible reach and opportunities for promotion through user-generated content. 


Here are some ways you can integrate sponsors into your social media marketing plan. 

  • Customize An Event Hashtag And Invite Sponsors To Use It In Their Posts 

  • Virtual Photo Booth With Branded Sponsor Stickers/Filters 

  • Branded Social Media Posts Connecting Sponsors To Your Event 

  • Sponsor Shout Outs To Attendees Who Use Event  Hashtag 

Once the event is underway, you can use photos and content generated by these social media collaborations to promote the sponsor further and spread brand awareness. 


5. Organize Digital Swag Bags

Sponsored swag bags have been a staple in event organizations for quite some time. Just because some of your events have shifted to a virtual event platform doesn’t mean you have to scratch them off your list. 


Invite sponsors to offer exclusive online offers and create a digital goodie bag that your virtual attendees can access on their mobile devices.  


Vouchers for online courses, Amazon gift cards, a free trial of a digital product or service, or downloadable resources are all great ideas. 


There is a good chance that this swag will go over much better than a branded t-shirt or mug. 


6. Offer Sponsored Gamification Opportunities 

A successful hybrid event offers more than just speaking engagements and presentations. Gamification has become a popular way to increase engagement amongst virtual attendees. 


It also offers yet another fantastic sponsorship opportunity. 


Sponsored games and ice-breaker activities are a fun and interactive way for virtual and in-person event attendees to connect with sponsors. 


Infusing some friendly competition through trivia sessions or scavenger hunts will create an unforgettable hybrid event experience that your attendees will connect with your sponsor’s brand.  


7. Host A Branded Giveaway 

Sponsors can host a branded giveaway to increase brand awareness. They can send t-shirts or travel mugs with their logos to attendees before the event. 


Those who bring these items to the event sessions can be entered into a massive giveaway for a highly coveted item, like an Apple iPad or a $500 Target gift card. 


This branded giveaway would increase the visibility of the sponsor and add another layer of engagement for both in-person and virtual attendees. And who doesn’t want the chance to win a fantastic prize? 


8. Include Sponsors In Your Event Content 

Event marketers already know that content is king. Consider using your event content also to promote your sponsors. 


Before each session, you can play sponsored intros or videos for your attendees. Add sponsor logos to presentation slides to avoid disrupting an ad being shoehorned into your keynote speaker’s address. 


You could also have presenters reference case studies that positively involve the sponsor’s product or service as a gentle reminder of the brand’s quality. 


Use These Virtual Event Sponsorship Ideas For Your Upcoming Hybrid Event

As you craft your sponsorship proposal, remember just how lucrative a hybrid event can be. They offer all the benefits of an in-person event with the bonus of global accessibility. 


Hybrid events have endless possibilities when it comes to promoting your company and your sponsor’s brand. 


Ready to host a hybrid event? Contact BeaconLive and connect with our experienced professionals. 


We offer fully managed events with scalable solutions for any size event. We offer over 150 interactive features, as well as 24/7 tech support and customer service. 


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