LinkedIn Groups for Legal Marketers

Posted by: Shelley Trudeau

Legal-Marketing-INWe all know that being on LinkedIn goes beyond expanding your network for job hunting purposes.  But how are Legal Marketers using the social networking site as a source for knowledge and collaboration? Simply by participating in groups where they share content and join conversations about the best practices within their field.  

Did you know that LinkedIn has over 1.5 million groups for the 332+ million users on its site? While many are likely irrelevant to your interests, you might be amazed at how many LinkedIn groups for Legal Marketers there are out there.  

With over 10 years of experience using LinkedIn, and a dedication to sourcing and creating relevant content for Legal Marketers, we have compiled tips for helping you select which groups to participate in. 


How to find groups.

LinkedIn understands that professionals only have a limited amount of time to spend on the site, so they help us by limiting the number of groups that we can belong to.  While it might seem counter-intuitive, it actually allows us to be very specific about the groups we associate with. 


When you find a group you think is worthy of your time, evaluate it by looking at how the other members participate. Are there interesting conversations and contributions, or is it full of spammers promoting their own content? 


Allow LinkedIn’s algorithm to look at your interests, jobs and connections to find relevant group suggestions for you. You can also use the search tool at the top of the page to look up keywords that interest you.


Groups you might be interested in.

During a recent Legal Marketing meeting that we participated in, we surveyed the attendees asking, 'what are the best LinkedIn groups for Legal Marketers?' Here are the top recommendations: 


  1. Legal Marketing Association  - Join Group
    LMA is the universal voice of the legal marketing and business development profession.  The NationalLMA group does a good job of promoting the latest news, blogs and updates from their website. Further, the moderators of the group monitor what people are posting, so you wont find marketers spamming the site.
  2. Legal Marketing Professionals, Join Group
    A networking groups for legal marketing professionals to engage in ideas and best practices. 
  3. Legal Marketing Technology Forum, Join Group
    Law Firm marketing, lawyers and IT professionals who are interested in sharing ideas and best practices on technology and marketing.
  4. Law Marketing Solutions, Join group
    The place to go for Law Marketing ideas, strategies, information and discussions.
  5. LMA Social Media SIG, Join group
    The Legal Marketing Association's Social Media Special Interest Group is designed to foster communication among members of the Legal Marketing Association with an interest in social media. 
  6. Legal Marketing, Join Group
    A networking group for those involved in marketing, business development, client service and sales in law firms.
  7. Law Firm Media Professionals, Join group
    Law Firm Media Professionals (LFMP) is a New York-based association of in-house and outside media and marketing professionals dedicated to improving how they deliver public relations and communications services to the outstanding law firms they serve. 
  8. Marketing the Law Firm, Join Group
    A moderated group for lawyers and legal marketing professionals seeking the most effective law firm marketing and business development.
  9. New Media & Social Media Legal Marketing, Join group
    This group is for lawyers, law students, law firm marketing directors working in promoting legal services through new mediasocial media, social.
  10. Legal Blogging, Join group
    The Legal Blogging Group is dedicated to helping members of the legal profession and (those serving the profession) understand how to use blogs and other social media effectively. 

What other Legal Marketing groups do you think are worthy of joining this list?  Comment below or tweet it them to us at @beaconlive.

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