How To Power Up Your Smart Marketing Strategy With Webinars

Posted by Sophia Duplin

Build A Winning Marketing Strategy For Your Business

If you want to stand out from your competition and drive more qualified leads to your site, you need a digital marketing strategy to enhance your brand’s customer experience. 


You need to incorporate content marketing in new and innovative ways to solidify your marketing messaging and grow your recognition with your target audience. 


While blog posts and social media marketing are pillars of any marketing campaign, the truth is that your target audience needs more than just text and silly emojis to trust your brand. 


Engage marketing is an approach to online marketing that focuses on your customers’ overall experience as they interact with your brand. Many businesses have found webinars to be a vital piece of the customer experience across their marketing campaigns. 



How To Use Webinars In Your Marketing Strategy

A webinar is an interactive online event that can be viewed at your convenience. It’s not just for conferences anymore! Webinars provide a fresh alternative to text-based content like blog posts and emails, so you might want to learn how to create them if this type of thing interests you in any way.


There are many benefits to hosting these events, including greater control over what's being said or represented on social media platforms afterward (and more money!).


Don't bore your audience with the same old stale material that they could read anywhere on the Internet. Instead, keep your brand and solutions relevant by maintaining an up-to-date library of webinar content that will educate, entertain, and excite your audience!


Now that we know how a webinar can improve your marketing programs, let’s look at ways to ensure webinars boost your online marketing campaigns today.


5 Tips To Make Boost Your Webinar Strategy

Webinars are a tried-and-true form of marketing, but it’s time to reevaluate how we build them. With these critical elements in mind, webinar attendees can go beyond the simple act of listening and engaging with one another through interactive activities or content distribution networks like Twitter. 


This type of interaction drives more conversions than ever before - it's no wonder why companies all over continue investing heavily into their events!


Here are five tips that you can use to boost webinars’ impact on your overall marketing programs.



1. Choose The Right Platform

There's a lot of excellent platforms to choose from when it comes time for hosting webinars. The one you opt into will depend on several factors, like your audience and what style or goal is sought out by the event itself.


Whether it's simply awareness-building about an issue relevant today (and not just historical) as well as other considerations such as how many guests can be accommodated without compromising quality. You also need to consider how your audience will interact with your presenter and how audience members will interact with each other. 


Different webinar platforms offer integrations to help you connect with your audience and to ensure your audience can communicate with you and each other. Make sure your webinar platform has the marketing tools you and your audience need to provide the best experience possible. 


2. Feature Highlights & Top Content From Past Webinars On Your Site

When it comes to marketing, one of the most critical aspects is connecting with customers. The stronger your relationship and connection with them, the more likely they'll want what you have for sale.


This means that you can cut long webinars down into smaller snippets that highlight featured sound bites or essential information about your products or services to enhance customer engagement across your site. 


3. Promote Your Webinar

You've spent hours preparing for your webinar, so why would you not want people there? Promote your webinar as much as possible and spread the word. People need to know about all of this great information!


It can be tough to figure out how to promote your webinar, but here are some simple ways to help you reach more people and increase attendance: 

  • Use social media to inform potential listeners about the upcoming event. You can use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to boost your attendance and drive more registrations before and after the event. 

  • Use email marketing to inform past and current customers about the upcoming event. Interacting with current and past customers is a great way to improve customer engagement and strengthen your relationship with them.

  • Promote your webinar on your website. You can add Call To Action buttons and promotional banners on your site to direct traffic to your registration page. 


4. Encourage Human Engagement

To engage a brand's audience and create affinity, the best thing you can do is drive them into action while they're experiencing your content. 


Provide opportunities for your audience to engage with the presenter. Incentivizing people with questions encourages participation in polls on social media, creating an immersive experience for all involved! You can improve customer engagement during (and after a webinar) with a few simple techniques like: 

  • Ask participants to respond to simple surveys throughout the presentation to gauge their understanding and keep them involved in the conversation. 

  • Send out polls before, during, and after each event to ensure you stay top-of-mind. 

  • Run contests after the event to capture more information about your audience and follow up with them to ensure they enjoyed the webinar presentation. 


5. Use Multi-Touch Content Experiences

Webinars have been a great way to move prospects through the buying process quickly and efficiently with multi-touch content. However, they often lack other engaging elements on their websites that could lead to generation or education about your brand's services/products.


During the webinar, it's essential to create on-page links that will allow you to engage your audience. Providing them with additional content and options throughout their experience is an effective way of modeling personal experiences. Here are a few ways you can deliver value to your audience with multi-touch content experiences: 

  • Use case studies to show how your products and services solve your customers experience. 

  • Use testimonials to show firsthand how satisfied customers are with your products and services. 

  • Link to other resources like whitepapers and market research to support your claims. 


Improve Your Marketing Strategy With Webinars Today!

The best content is not just interesting to read but interactive, so your readers can have meaningful interactions with what they're learning from on every page or screen.


Webinars are a core piece of any content marketing strategy because they offer in-depth experiences for the audience. You can use the webinar content in many ways, like email campaigns, landing pages, and even social media posts. 


Take a look at your online marketing strategy and identify how you can use webinars to boost the customer experience and drive more sales for your business today!


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How do webinars help with marketing?

Webinar marketing is the best way to market your business and connect with potential customers. Most webinars are lead generation tools that provide quality information in exchange for free leads, or they may give away premium credits that can be used on their paid products/services if you purchase them at some point down the line.

Are webinars a good marketing tool?

Webinars are effective at helping marketers achieve their goals because they can be used to promote and advertise products, inform consumers about new services or offers available on the market, and educate people to understand how a company operates its business.

What is a webinar strategy?

Your webinar content strategy should be clear and deliver value to your target audience. The presentation’s subject matter needs a focus on critical challenges that each individual regularly faces while also helping them find solutions.