How To Choose The Right Virtual Sales Kickoff Theme

Posted by Sophia Duplin

What Is A Sales Kickoff Event?

A sales kickoff meeting is one of the most critical sales meetings for your sales organization. This is because a sales kickoff event strengthens your sales process, outlines your sales strategy, and builds excitement among your sales rep for the upcoming year. 


Most companies schedule their sales kickoff meeting for January for leaders to present the vision and goals for the coming year to their salespeople. 


This meeting offers many benefits for individual sales reps, and it can strengthen the overall spirit of the entire sales team in several ways, including: 

  • Boost morale throughout your sales organization.

  • Offer team-building exercises to foster a stronger bond among team members.

  • Outline annual sales and company goals for the coming year. 

  • Provide insight on additional initiatives the company will focus on. 

  • Present new products and sales strategies to help reps in the coming year. 

As you can see, a sales kickoff event is more than just an annual meeting for sales reps to catch up with each other. This meeting plays a critical role in ensuring your salesforce is informed and aligned with your company's market strategy. 


Since this meeting is so vital to your company's success, you will need to make the event interactive and engaging for all salespeople in attendance. 


From choosing the suitable sales kickoff theme, scheduling the right keynote speakers, and coming up with an excellent kickoff plan, you have a lot to think about when planning and managing a sales kickoff.


Let's take a look at how you can bring your sales kickoff event to the next level with a great sales kickoff theme!

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Choose The Right Sales Kickoff Theme

A sales kickoff theme is an essential piece of any sales kickoff meeting because it introduces cohesion and a standard message that can help your sales team comprehend more information throughout the event


A sales kickoff theme helps everyone at an event because it presents a single, unified theme that supports your company's goals and vision. Whether you are focused on a successful year, motivating sales reps for the upcoming year, or looking to improve retention, you need to choose the suitable theme to fit the message of the event. 


Here are a few ideas to keep in mind to choose the best sales kickoff theme: 

  • Support Your Objectives: A high-performing sales kickoff event will have a centralized theme that supports your company's goals and strategic vision. Make sure you choose a sales kickoff theme that speaks to your audience and underlines your key messages. 

  • Establish Success To Come: A successful sales kickoff will drive your sales reps to reach new heights in the coming months. Be sure to choose an attractive sales kickoff theme that resonates with your sales team and motivates your team members. 

  • Centralized Message: It can be easy for your team members to lose sight of the central message as they listen to various guest speakers and presentations. The best sales kickoff themes bring different messages together to produce a cohesive experience that your sales team will remember for months to come. 

Now that we know why a sales kickoff theme is essential to the overall success of your sales kickoff meeting let's take a look at some ideas that you can use to enhance your in-person or virtual sales kickoff meetings


Some Of The Best Sales Meeting Themes

A great sales kickoff theme will help cement the central message of the entire event for your sales team. Plus, the kickoff theme will help your sales reps to think creatively throughout the event and keep them engaged. 


The first step to choosing the suitable sales kickoff theme is to think about what you want your team members to focus on during the event. The theme will set the tone for the rest of your event, and it will have a significant impact on how your team responds to different presentations or information


Here are some of the best sales meeting themes you can use in your next event to ensure success. 


All Systems Online!

You can use a space-themed sales meeting theme to ignite the imagination of your team members and raise their expectations "above the moon." This type of sales kickoff theme is great to kickstart a new initiative, build teamwork, and initiate a new sales process or strategy in the division. 


You can also turn to this sales meeting theme to raise the bar in the new year. Be sure to utilize a healthy amount of space terminology and center all presentations around imagery and terminology that has to do with space travel to hit it out of the park!


Ignite Your Sales Fire!

Some sales reps need an extra boost to keep at the top of their game, and this type of sales kickoff theme is the perfect mix of motivation and interactive elements to hit the mark. This approach to your virtual sales kickoff can be used if you want to introduce a new sales strategy, introduce a new product, or you want to persuade team members to adopt a new compensation plan. 


Be sure to use this sales kickoff theme to show the sales team how a change in the organization will benefit them. This approach will need a subtle approach, so you should lean on personalized information within an intimate setting like breakout sessions and smaller group meetings. 


Your Company Motto

You can lean on your company motto to reinforce the culture that you are trying to build within your sales team. This sales kickoff theme is great if you are having your first virtual sales kickoff because it will help bring all sales reps together under a common theme even though they cannot be in the same room. 


This meeting theme is also a great choice if you want to increase sales coverage, establish a new sales compensation model, or address missed annual sales goals. 


You're On Fire!

Did your sales team have a great year that you want to celebrate? If so, this is a great theme to use in your next virtual sales kickoff. You can also use this during a sales kickoff meeting to highlight the exceptional achievements of individual sales reps, celebrate company goals, and hand out recognition awards. 


Even if you don't want to have this as the overall sales theme, you can use this as a theme for breakout sessions. 


As you can see, there are many approaches that you can take to theme your sales kickoff meeting. These themes are significant for virtual sales kickoff because you need to grab your audience's attention and engage them throughout the entire virtual event. 


Make The Most Of Your Virtual Sales Kickoff With The Right Theme

Planning a successful sales kickoff can be challenging, but it's not impossible. To ensure your event engages and impresses everyone in attendance, you need to plan carefully with meaningful follow-up after the fact! 


Your best bet for success is sending out surveys or holding team meetings so that each rep has input about challenges they faced over this past year before planning any future events together as one big happy family again (or at least until next Christmas).


If you want to set your sales team up for success in the upcoming year, you need to choose the right sales kickoff meeting ideas to suit your attendees and support your business goals. 

Our experts at BeaconLive can help you choose the suitable theme and provide you with the best platform for webinars, breakout sessions, and technology to support your virtual meetings.


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