A Series of Unfortunate Virtual Events

Posted by: The BeaconLive Marketing Team

virtual_event_problemsHas this ever been you during a webinar presentation? We recently experienced the frustation seen in this picture while waiting for a webinar presentation to begin (delivered by a different provider) that never actually happened. Though technology can have its hiccups from time to time, here are 6 ways you can avoid a series of unfortunate virtual events:

1. Your speaker fails to show up

... or connect at the scheduled time. Have your event's moderator connect with the speaker 30 minutes before the webinar begins to make sure your speaker is ready and that their audio is the right quality. If your speaker fails to connect at the agreed time, your moderator has enough time to try calling out to him/her and send a reminder Email.

2. Your speaker's call drops half-way through the presentation

This is one of the many ways in which having a fully managed virtual event comes really handy: your moderator can notify the attendees of the brief interruption while he/she dials out to the speaker and connects them back in. These feature is not offered by most DIY vendors.

Virtual Event Platform Comparison


3. Several people report audio issues

A fully managed event monitor's the attendee's feedback during the presentation and acts quickly to resolve any issues, whereas DIY leaves you to figure it out yourself.


4. You have to cancel the event last minute

Try to avoid cancelling your event at all costs, but if you absolutely have to, make sure you have a cancelling procedure in place first. Our moderators are trained to notify the registered attendees via Email and by placing an annoucement in the webroom.

5. Your speaker forgets how to use some of the webroom's tools

... during his/her presentation. BeaconLive's moderators are with you every step of the way and can take control of the webroom if your presenter is struggling with the technology. The last thing you want is for people to see your presenter struggle for 10 minutes trying to figure out the survey/poll tool. Learn about BeaconLive's Effortless Control passing between presenters.

6. Half of your attendees can't access the presentation

... because there is an app/software download required that is being blocked by their firewall. Most DIY providers have this requirement, causing many attendees to miss out on the content or arrive late. Use a fully managed virtual events provider like BeaconLive to avoid this issue. Besides, it looks and feels more professional when you don't force your users to crowd their computer with another app.

Webinar mistakes happen -but no matter what your technology 'hiccup' is, always make sure you have the human element on your side: it makes all the difference in the world when you have a person reach out to you with a solution, than when you receive an automatic Email reply with little information. Learn how BeaconLive handles these unfortunate scenarios. 


What should I do when my virtual event speaker doesn't show up?

To avoid this, have your speakers virtually arrive 30 minutes before showtime. If you don't hear from them at all, have your moderator de-escalate with attendees and assure them that you will re-schedule and get them info as soon as possible. 

How do I cancel a virtual event last minute?

These things happen. If you must cancel your event last minute, have your event moderator notify registered attendees via email and within the webroom. 

How do I fix audio issues during my virtual event?

Depending on your event platform, tending to audio issues can be quite different and sometimes complex. That's why it's important to deliver virtual content with a fully-managed platform provider - moderators and tech support will be able to tend to tech problems while you continue to focus on content delivery.