5 Fool-Proof Ways to Finesse Your Webinar Email Invitations

Congratulations!  You’ve come up an incredible webinar idea, you’ve outlined your presentation, you’ve nailed down the date, and now you just need to let your audience know about it.


Then it strikes... webinar invitation messaging anxiety. With so many emails bombarding your audience's inbox, how do you make your webinar invitation stand out?


Don’t panic. It is possible to maintain your brand while increasing your invitation click-through rates, and do it all in style. We’ve put together some fool-proof tips on how to add some finesse to your next webinar email invitation:

Webinar Email Invitations
Tip #1. Be Mindful of Viewing Device

Gone are the days where you can send any ordinary email. For successful webinar email invitations, you should include elements that are friendly to desktop, tablet, and mobile readers.

One of the best ways to do this is to provide more than one avenue to click through to the registration page. While hyperlinked text can be easily clicked on a desktop, it may be much more difficult to click on a mobile device.  

The solution? Try including an attractive image button and hyperlink to your registration page in addition to hyperlinked text. This makes it easy for mobile viewers to click, and stands out nicely against a mostly-text email.

Webinar Email Invitations: Register Button Example

And before you hit send: test, test, test. Try opening your email on multiple devices and with multiple email clients to ensure the user-experience is topnotch.

Tip #2. Position a Visual Summary Above the Fold

If you’re looking to add some targeted finesse to your webinar invitation, try positioning an image header at the top of your email. This technique accomplishes:

  • A visual introduction to capture your reader’s attention

  • A snapshot view of your webinar details (What, When, How Long)

  • A large clickable area friendly to any device (the entire image should be hyperlinked to the registration page for streamlined access)

  • An opportunity for you to incorporate your branding

Here is a great example of this layout in action:

Webinar Email Invitations: Visual Webinar Header Example

Like this look but don’t have the budget for a graphic designer? You can accomplish something with a free online tool like Canva.

Here is an example of a header we built in about 15 minutes using a free Canva layout:

Webinar Email Invitations: Webinar Header Designed in Canva

With a snapshot of your webinar details in an image above the fold, your readers can then scroll down to obtain additional details.

Pro Tip: Recycle your email header as an image across your social channels for consistency. 

Tip #3. Use Bullet Points to Highlight Attendee Benefits

It’s crucial to highlight “WHY” your database should attend your upcoming webinar. Use bullet points to highlight the advantages of attending. What is it that you’re trying to show with your webinar? What knowledge or takeaways will your viewers receive? Here’s a great benefit summary from Trello:

Webinar Email Invitations: Trello List Example

Tip #4. Highlight Your Featured Presenters

Does your webinar showcase an industry expert, your CEO, or someone on the team with a shining personality? Highlighting the presenter along with a small professional image and a quick bio will make your webinar feel more personalized.

After all, marketing is all about connecting with other human beings. Displaying your presenter(s) in this format is a great way to add that special touch to your webinar invitation. Here’s an example from SharpSpring:

Webinar Email Invitations: Presenter Highlight Example 

Tip #5. Review Results to Inform Your Next Send

Once you’ve hit send button, it’s time to wait for the results to roll in. How was your engagement rate on this send compared to others? What elements of the email received the most clicks? Use the results of your email send to inform decisions for future ones!


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What is a webinar invite?

A webinar invitation is a message sent out to inform your audience about an upcoming webinar.

How far in advance should I send a webinar invitation?

It is best practice to send webinar invitations out a few weeks in advance. At a bare minimum, you should send invites seven days prior to the webinar. Giving your attendees an advance notice allows them to adjust their schedules to attend.

How do I email a webinar invitation?

To send an email webinar invitation, use your email service provider. Your ESP may have templates to help build your invite, and if not, there are a variety of free email webinar templates you can take advantage of.